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Stalked by a Groyper: Nick Fuentes Follower Elected GOP Precinct Delegate Despite Credible Allegations

Though racism may serve as the calling card for the white nationalist America First movement led by Nick Fuentes, you might say misogyny is its cornerstone. During his campaign for county clerk in Macomb County, Michigan, a woman claimed that Alex Roncelli—a “groyper” in the white nationalist America First movement and current St. Clair County […]

Racist, Misogynist Nick Fuentes Follower Perseveres in Precinct Strategy to Infiltrate GOP From Bottom Up

On a livestream one night in early November, a man donated $10 to Nick Fuentes, the white nationalist who would in a few short weeks dine with Donald Trump. This particular $10 donation entitled the donor, who identified himself as Alex Roncelli, to post a message in the superchat so that his message would play […]

How To Spot A Loyal Follower Of The One True President Trump

Brought to you by: How does one recognize a faithful follower of the One True President Trump? They may have been scattered, but they are not defeated. Trump has preserved for himself a faithful remnant, and they will someday return with the armies of MAGA to usher in the second term of President Trump.  So how […]

Social Media Follower Growth

Social networks are one of the most important ways of communication between human beings says cyberg. Man is inherently a social being and seeks to connect with other human beings. In other words, progress in human societies occurred when social relations became wider and human relations became healthier and more appropriate. As human societies expand, […]

Joe Biden Fails to Condemn Farrakhan Follower Capitol Hill Attack in Statement

President Joe Biden expressed his sorrow over the death of a Capitol Hill police officer after a violent attack at the Capitol Friday, but he did not condemn the suspect, who identified himself on social media as a follower of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Biden said in a statement he was “heartbroken” to learn Officer […]

Capitol Car Attack Suspect Called Himself “Follower of Farrakhan”

The suspect who rammed his car into a fence at the U.S. Capitol on April 2 called himself a “Follower of [Nation of Islam leader Louis] Farrakhan” on his Facebook page. The attack resulted in the death of a Capitol police officer, identified as William “Billy” Evans, a veteran. Another officer was injured in the […]

Former QAnon follower compares movement to drug and alcohol addiction

A former QAnon follower who went viral online for trashing a display of masks in Target last year has compared her experience of getting sucked into the conspiracy theory to drug and alcohol addiction. Melissa Rein Lively, a 35-year-old publicist, found “comfort” in the QAnon movement when the pandemic hit the country last March. Four […]

Berlin no follower of Washington energy policies: German Official

SHANA – A senior German economic and energy official says her country does not follow suit of other countries, including the US, in energy policies. Speaking to Shana, Ms. Ursula Borak, the deputy director general for international energy policy, fossil fuels and nuclear energy, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, said she is […]

34 House Dems condemn Israeli charges against Issa Amro — follower of civil rights movement and Gandhi

Dear Secretary Tillerson: We write to request that you urgently pursue all diplomatic tools at your disposal to encourage the appropriate Israeli authorities to reconsider the charges against Issa Amro, a community leader, nonviolent activist and previous recipient of the United Nations’ “Human Rights Defender of the Year in Palestine” award. He faces charges described […]

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