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Haiti & The Dominican Republic: Contrasting Fortunes

Haiti is currently engulfed in the chaos caused by violent gang warfare, triggering a major wave of internal displacement. Almost 200,000 people are thought to have been displaced in 2023, and several thousand since the beginning of 2024. Thousands of Haitians continue to flee to the neighboring Dominican Republic, with the Haitian-Dominican border currently in a […]

Business Review of the year: fortunes follow the ebbs and flows of the pandemic

In July, the European Union introduced the Covid-19 passes to facilitate travel for people who are fully vaccinated against coronavirus, have recovered from the disease or have a negative PCR test. This way the member countries tried to save the summer holiday season and boost travel and tourism following the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic. […]

America’s billionaires: Borrowing their way to ever more fabulous fortunes

No widely acclaimed artist in the 20th century baited and battled the rich with as much gusto as Diego Rivera. The Mexican painter’s Great Depression-era confrontation with Nelson Rockefeller, then the twenty-something grandson of the world’s single richest individual, captured front-page real estate all across the United States — and far beyond. The Rockefeller family […]

Can we conquer our grand dynastic family fortunes?

Image Credit: Gene Lester/Getty Images All things eventually end, even grand dynastic family fortunes. In the abstract, we all know this to be true. But the facts on the ground can be disconcerting. And those facts have never been clearer, not after this week’s release of stunning new research on America’s enduring family wealth dynasties. […]

Apple reaches $2 trillion milestone as tech fortunes soar during coronavirus pandemic

Apple has become the first US company to boast a market value of $2 trillion (€1.7 trillion) as technology continues to reshape the world and people’s lives. The iPhone maker reached the milestone in Wednesday’s early stock market trading when its shares surpassed $467.77 (€394.87). The stock later backtracked, but it didn’t diminish a remarkable […]

5 Elite Jewish Families Who Made Their Fortunes in the Opium Trade

5 Elite Jewish Families Who Made Their Fortunes in the Opium Trade There’s dirty money buried in the basement of some of America’s wealthiest and most powerful families. By Phillip Smith / AlterNet June 4, 2015, 11:20 PM GMT AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to Facebook538Share to TwitterShare to Google+Share to More62Share to Email Print 2 […]

Sodomites Spending Fortunes on Anus Tightening

By Michael Bryon @DAILY STORMER Every so often, I encounter a headline that is so disgusting, so spiritually unclean, that I turn off my computer and go outside for a long walk. It doesn’t matter whether it’s raining or snowing, morning or midnight, I’m going for that damn walk. This was one of those times. […]

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