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Manchin: Biden Is Breaking Law on Inflation Reduction Act, Falsely Framing it as a Green Bill

On Thursday’s broadcast of “CNN This Morning,” Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) accused the Biden administration of trying to “reconfigure” the Inflation Reduction Act “to something that…wasn’t in that legislation” and said the administration is “not adhering to the piece of Source

Framing Surveillance and Eugenics as “Healthcare” with Johnny Vedmore

Podcast Episodes Whitney is joined by Johnny Vedmore to discuss two organizations, Wellcome Leap and Trinity Challenge, whose founding members were the architects of the most controversial COVID-19 policies and narratives. Both groups are actively developing new invasive methods of surveillance and eugenics, all under the guise of preventing the next pandemic and improving global […]

Framing Climate Change as a “National Security Priority” Isn’t A Clever Maneuver To Get People To Care

It’s a Centrist Co-option Strategy to Bloat the Budgets of ICE and the Pentagon. Read the fine print before rushing to deem climate change a “national security” threat. On November 23, President-elect Joe Biden announced that former Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry will serve as special envoy on climate and have a seat […]

Framing Putin – Saga of the Spy and the Nerve Agent

By Chris Kanthan How dumb are the masses of the world? One just has to look at the brazen, obvious false flag incidents that the elites keep piling on. Trained to be consumers of sensational news, the idiotic population of the West simply accepts allegations without thinking or analysis. Let’s take a brief […]

Chicago Police Officer Accused Of Framing Dozens Now Also Accused Of Extortion

A Chicago police officer who is accused of framing at least 51 people for murder will now face a new allegation: A former drug dealer says he paid Detective Reynaldo Guevara at least $1,000 a week in exchange for protection from arrest. The payments went on for two years, his lawyer told a Cook County […]

Size matters? Framing of Macron’s extra-large official portrait ‘could cost 2.7mn’

The French president’s official portrait had only just slipped out of the public eye over its style and contents, but now finds itself back at the center of attention after the sizing format of the picture caught people’s attention. The new portrait is a few centimeters bigger than those of Macron’s predecessors, meaning French municipalities […]

Framing the Patsy: The Case of Lee Harvey Oswald

  Jim Fetzer and Jim Marrs   The deliberate dissemination of false information about JFK continues to this day. Professor Hany Farid, a member of the computer science faculty at Dartmouth, affords a stunning illustration, where he injected himself into a long-running dispute concerning the authenticity of photographs related to the assassination of President John […]

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