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“I’m Just a Patsy!” – The Untold Story of JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald, and a Dead Doctor You Should Know About

With no gunpowder residue on his face and no evidence that he fired a rifle on November 22, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with killing President John F. Kennedy. “I’m just a patsy,” he said. Two days later, he was gunned down by nightclub owner Jack Ruby in the basement of the Dallas police […]

FLASHBACK: Meet Lee Harvey Oswald, Sheep-Dipped Patsy (2013)

FROM 2013: In this week’s special documentary episode of the podcast, we explore the life and legend of Lee Harvey Oswald. Was he a poor, disgruntled loner or an overachieving marine? A presidential assassin or a sheep-dipped patsy? Find out in this week’s edition of The Corbett Report. The post FLASHBACK: Meet Lee Harvey Oswald, […]

CIA: We Ordered ‘Agent’ Lee Harvey Oswald To Assassinate JFK

A new batch of CIA documents has revealed that Lee Harvey Oswald, the man accused of assassinating President John F. Kennedy, was employed by the agency to carry out the killing. Jefferson Morley, a journalist and investigator, made the bombshell claim during a press conference in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, less than two weeks before […]

King and Saint: King Oswald of Northumbria and His Lost Throne Quest

Much of English history was defined by critical wars, conflicts, and invasions. However, not everything was drenched in chaos and bloodshed. Throughout the ages, powerful rulers were there to keep their citizens protected, working in the best interest of the state, the church, and the people. Without kings and saints, a nation can quickly lose […]

Remembering Sir Oswald Mosley – A True British Hero

Remembering Sir Oswald Mosley – a true british hero Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley, 6th Baronet (November 16, 1896 – December 3, 1980) was a British politician and founder of several nationalist organizations, the most notable being British Union of Fascists and Union Movement. Educated at Winchester and Sandhurst he fought with the 16th Lancers on […]

JFK Files Show FBI Mention Contact with Oswald a Month BEFORE Assassination

The newly released documents raise questions about why the FBI mentioned contact with Oswald just 1 month before President Kennedy’s assassination. by Rachel Blevins, guest author The latest document release from the federal government’s records on the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy is raising new questions about what contact the FBI had with […]

Watching The Hawks – Unlocking Lee Harvey Oswald & The JFK Files

Watching The Hawks – Unlocking Lee Harvey Oswald & The JFK Files Watching The The Trump White House punts on releasing a trove of JFK assassination documents. Lee Harvey Oswalds alleged girlfriend Judyth Vary Baker discusses the misconceptions surrounding the historic tragedy. Jesse Ventura discusses what may be hidden in the unreleased archive. Naomi […]

CIA files on Lee Harvey Oswald set to be released in October have ‘gone missing’

Countless concerned individuals are still searching for answers surrounding the mysterious death of the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. The official narrative, that a lone former Marine named Harvey Oswald assassinated him, is widely disputed. All available documents from all government entities are required by the Kennedy […]

Entire Volume of CIA Files on Lee Harvey Oswald, Set to be Released in October, Has ‘Gone Missing’

Breaking: Iran Just Snubbed Obama AGAIN, Fires Missiles With THIS Chilling Message On Them

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – Once again Iran has given the middle finger, so to speak, to Barack Hussein Obama and America. Iran has breached international agreement again by test-firing more missiles but this time they have an evil message that reads “Israel must be wiped out” written in Hebrew on them. This latest show […]

ISIL Ringleader’s Mobile Phone Confirms Turkey’s Support for Terrorism

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Framing the Patsy: The Case of Lee Harvey Oswald

  Jim Fetzer and Jim Marrs   The deliberate dissemination of false information about JFK continues to this day. Professor Hany Farid, a member of the computer science faculty at Dartmouth, affords a stunning illustration, where he injected himself into a long-running dispute concerning the authenticity of photographs related to the assassination of President John […]

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