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NWO Geoengineers Testing Out Even More Devastating Weather Weapons On The USA Like This One

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Do you see how the NWO geoengineers are making Cat 5 superstorms the new normal to seasonally geoterrorize populations across the planet?!

RRAD HERE: A first: Category 5 storms have formed in every ocean basin this year READ HERE: OOOPS! Computer Models are (Ahem) Changing for Hurricane Lee; ECMWF Shows Long Island, NY . . . Broadsided   Source

NWO Geoengineers Freezing Siberia With Withering Weather Warfare

READ HERE: Extreme cold grips Siberia, as temperatures fall to lowest levels since 2002   Source

NWO Geoengineers Target UK With A ‘Sudden Stratospheric Warming Event’

READ HERE: ‘Sudden Stratospheric Warming Event’ Could Wreak Havoc Across Britain   Source

NWO geoengineers even drying up the mighty Mississippi!


NWO Geoengineers Aiming Weather Terrorism at Mississippi’s Capital After Abortion Shutdown

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What Our Geoengineers Are Really Doing…… Comment: This is the Synagogue of Satan’s Depopulation Agenda being enacted via U.S. Military Bases Around the World. Note how many countries U.S. military bases are in-they are all being geoengineered and this is being done in ALL UN nations! Below is typical FEAR PORN propaganda about this life killing program: 040March 20, 2021 […]

Is it La Niña or the geoengineers who are exacerbating it that’s responsible for burning down Oregon? As wildfires move north from California, the state of Oregon is being engulfed in dangerous wildfires – some of the most destructive in its history – as La Nina conditions drive some of the worst wildfires seen in the American West in years. The weather pattern has also been blamed for the latest string […]

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