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Education Secretary Miguel Cardona also needs to be impeached—POST-HASTE!


Precision Stone Carvings of San Miguel Ixtapan – the Mexican Tiwanaku?

Over the past century, dozens of carved megalithic stone slabs of unknown origin and function have been uncovered in the southern part of the state of Mexico and the north of Guerrero, mostly around the small archaeological site of San Miguel Ixtapan, Tejupilco. Further excavations, beginning in 1995, have revealed the remains of extensive megalithic […]

Slave Turned King: The Rule of Miguel De Buria of Venezuela

In Venezuela’s early history, between 1552 to 1555, lies the first and most famous historical account of a slave revolt in the new world. This rebellion was led by Miguel de Buria, who not only won his freedom through conflict but won the hearts and minds of all who were shackled henceforth. However, much of […]

Norman Lowell: ‘Miguel Serrano – Warrior and Visionary of the Spirit’

Via The London Forum One of the most colourful, charismatic, artistic, aristocratic, exotic and visionary of Nationalist leaders, Norman Lowell of Malta, discusses one of the most colourful, charistmatic, artistic, aristocratic, exotic and visionary of Nationalist thinkers – Miguel Serrano of Chile. Serrano was a diplomat and author of several widely published books and several […]

Padre Miguel d’Escoto: Nicaragua’s Chancellor of Peace and Dignity

Amazing juggling mastery

A teenager exceeds all expectations through a variety of amazing juggling tricks, seemingly with no effort at all. If you got it, flaunt it! Source Article from

ISIS Issues Fatwa To Slay All American Dogs And Puppies

A disturbing report by the Main Intelligence Directorate General Staff of the Armed Forces (GRU) warns Americans that pet dogs and puppies have become legitimate targets by ISIS militants. Religious leader, Turki al-Bin’ali, issued a fatwa calling for the immediate mass killing of all pet dogs and puppies in the United States. The fatwa was […]

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