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Trump Campaign Mocks DeSantis’s ‘Bootgate’: Shoes More Appropriate for ‘America’s Next Top Model’

A statement from Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung delves into the latest scandal rocking the political primary world: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s shoes. Source


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The Best Deals This Week, From On Running Shoes to Burrow Sofas

Do you smell that sweet scent in the air? It’s all those drop-dead gorgeous sales we scouted out on this fine September morning. It’s only a matter of time before the stench of pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon takes over, so the alluring aroma of fall’s first round of bargains is captivating. What caught our […]

Asics’ Iconic Line of Normcore Shoes Has a New, Futuristic Spin

If you’re feeling like everyone and their mom is rocking Nikes, and are also a bit tapped out on Vans, it could be time to get dadcore, and consider a super fresh take on one of Asics’ classic styles. We’ve already talked about how the Asics Gel-1130 is the ultimate unisex, normcore-retro street shoe, sported […]

Your shoes are making you sick!

19 sept 2022 _______________________________ A unified pushback against the globalist agenda It’s finally here, the Global Walkout begins September 4th at 8pm London time and continue every weeks. Next step september 25. One step at a time, hand in hand, we are walking out from the globalist society they are trying to enslave us into […]

‘I Resent DeSantis’ Implication That I Am An Elf!’ Shouts Dr. Fauci In Little Shoes And Cap At North Pole

NORTH POLE — Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared live via satellite from the North Pole on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360° to push back at the recent assertion by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that he was an elf. He also expressed concern about DeSantis possibly being the abominable snowman. Source

Hobbits Forced To Begin Wearing Shoes After New Lego Store Opens In The Shire

HOBBITON—Hobbits throughout The Shire began wearing shoes last week after the opening of a new Lego Store in the town of Stock, just east of the Brandywine River. Though Hobbits have hairy rugged feet that can withstand the harshest of elements, they are apparently no match for tiny plastic pieces with razor-sharp edges. “I’ve never […]

Magic Shoes And Boots: The Soles Of Mythology

Interest in the history and archaeology of ancient footwear began in the 17th century and today the formal study of footwear is called ‘ calceology.’ This field of science includes interpreting ancient footwear against social and cultural contexts, understanding the technical aspects associated with leather trades, and the reconstruction of archaeological artifact footwear. Given a […]

Michelangelo’s Short Stature Revealed By His Shoes

The Renaissance, Europe’s scientific jump forward from its medieval past, began in Florence, Italy and made the region a global cultural hub in the 14th and 15th centuries. Renaissance achievements ranged from finance and science to anatomy and art. And some of these new ideas also called into question or directly challenged the authority of […]

Zimbabwe cricketer says players have to glue shoes back together after every match

An international cricketer for Zimbabwe has received an overwhelming response after writing on social media about how the players have to glue their shoes back together after matches due to a lack of sponsorship. The heart-melting request by Zimbabwe’s Ryan Burl has both struck a chord with cricket fans and resulted in him securing a […]

Demonic: Miley Cyrus Poses in Lil Nas X Satan Shoes

Demonic: Miley Cyrus Poses in Lil Nas X Satan Shoes Disney child star-turned-singer shows shoes containing pentagram, human blood to legion of young fans. Original Article: Source

Nike Sues Over Rapper’s ‘Satan Shoes’ Containing Inverted Cross, Drop of Human Blood

(Newsweek) — Nike Inc. filed a trademark infringement suit against MSCHF Product Studio on Monday, hours after the Brooklyn company started selling customized Nike Air Max 97 shoes called “Satan Shoes.” The controversial sneakers are being promoted in collaboration with rapper and singer Lil Nas X, as a tie-in for the artist’s recent music video for the single […]

Nike sues company that made ‘Satan Shoes’ with Lil Nas X

Athletic shoe maker Nike Inc on Monday sued a New York-based company that produced “Satan Shoes” purported to contain a drop of human blood as part of a collaboration with “Old Town Road” rapper Lil Nas X. Nike said in the lawsuit that the company, MSCHF Product Studio Inc, infringed on and diluted its trademark […]

Satanism Fully Embraced with Perverse New Shoes, But the Bible Verse Included to Make Satan Look Cool Actually Details His Utter Defeat

You aren’t a musician these days if you don’t have a shoe, particularly if you’re a rapper. Lil Nas X is no exception. It wasn’t like the 21-year-old rapper and singer doesn’t already qualify in the business. He holds the record for the longest time atop the Billboard Hot 100 Single chart (19 weeks for […]

Rapper Lil Nas X’s Nike ‘Satan Shoes’ Spark Outrage, Contain Drop of Human Blood

(KXAN) — Just days after the controversial music video for his new single “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” went viral, rapper Lil Nas X is stoking outrage again over the release of a pair of shoes. Lil Nas X, who rose to fame after his debut single “Old Town Road” became a global phenomenon, […]

ICC, ICJ push Biden into Trump’s shoes – analysis

In less than a week, the International Criminal Court and International Court of Justice have shockingly put US President Joe Biden into former president Donald Trump’s shoes on the international law scene.Last week, the ICJ issued a jurisdiction ruling against the US sanctions program on Iran. Then, over the weekend, the ICC issued a jurisdiction […]

‘No one will fill his shoes’: U.S. Jewish leaders mourn Sheldon Adelson

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“Free” Shoes Are Reparations for Slavery and Oppression

This video was from back in October, but really just goes to show the kind of people who are being elevated in the spotlight by the jewish media monopoly. It’s ridiculous how a guy stealing shoes has a pair of shoes “stolen” from him as he walks out. [embedded content]

Paris museum puts on ‘mask-and-shoes-only’ event for naturists

Parisian nudists descended upon the city’s film library on September 13 for an exhibition celebrating a famous French comedian. With COVID-19 protection measures in place, the only mandatory accessory was a mask. The Association des Naturistes de Paris (Paris naturist association) organised the event at La Cinémathèque, reserving a time slot for its members between […]

Shoes That Grow: Guy Invents Sandals That’ll Grow 5 Sizes In 5 Years To Help Millions of Poor Children

18K Shares Sometimes, the simplest invention can change millions of lives. That’s the goal of The Shoe That Grows, a sandal invented by inventor Kenton Lee that can adjust its size, allowing children in impoverished nations to grow up without having to go barefoot. The shoes, which come in catch-all Small and Large sizes, can […]

Auschwitz Museum finds six-year-old Holocaust victim’s name inscribed in shoes

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Adidas Sold a Million Shoes Made of Ocean Plastic

Adidas sold a million pairs of shoes made from ocean plastic last year, according to CEO Kasper Rorsted. In 2015, the German sportswear giant partnered with Parley for the Oceans , an environmental initiative addressing major threats to the world’s oceans, to develop products made from recycled marine plastic. After much anticipation, they introduced three versions of the UltraBoost shoe […]

‘Exqisite human leather’ products, wallets, belts, shoes, being sold online

(INTELLIHUB) — Extremely discerning clientele can now purchase their own one-of-a-kind ‘human leather’ products such as wallets, belts, and shoes online but prices start at $14,000 USD, according to the company which handcrafts the items out of the ‘finest leather known.’ That’s right, you can now order your very own wallet or belt […]

Christian Hit with $12,000 ‘Shariah Fine’ for not Removing Shoes

Canada fining citizens for offending Muslims; ‘It has just shattered me. I am broken’. John Alabi, 53, is a Christian and a landlord who lives in the Toronto area and is being ordered to pay a fine of $12,000 by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal because he failed to remove his shoes when he entered […]

If Anyone Tells You Destiny Doesn’t Exist, Direct Them To This Article

If anyone tells you destiny doesn’t exist, direct them to this article. A young couple from Zhejiang, China, were going through their childhood photos for their May wedding when the wife-to-be, Lu Yiquin, stumbled upon a familiar picture. Lu Yiquin noticed a person in a red coat in the background of her soon-to-be-husband’s photo. Zhang visited […]

Places in America You Never Knew Existed

1.  Maine’s Mysterious Desert  I should start off by saying that in a technical sense, the Desert of Maine is not actually a desert, in spite of this being its official name. Rather, the sandy substance on the ground is silt, left in the wake of an ancient glacier. Regardless of semantics, however, Maine’s desert-like non-desert […]

Virginia nullifies federal cannabis prohibition, legalizes hemp farming

(NaturalNews) On January 26, the Virginia House of Delegates unanimously voted to pass a bill that would allow its citizens to grow and process hemp products. Similarly to Oregon, South Carolina, Colorado, Maine, Vermont and other states, Virginia sought to give people the legal grounds to oppose the current unconstitutional federal ban that […]

Everything other than TRUMP in the 2016 US election leads to a JEW arranged socialist ‘Utopia’ and Homeland Security lock-down in the once fair land of the free

Everything other than TRUMP in the 2016 US election leads to a JEW arranged socialist ‘Utopia’ and Homeland Security lock-down in the once fair land of the free Check out the The Donald in full flight at a recent campaign rally at Greenville SC… And… so much for the LIAR Ted Cruz’s evangelical Christian ‘integrity’… Israel […]

Apparently You Should Be Taking A Shot Of Whiskey Everyday. The Reason? I Had No Idea

Growing up I heard a tale once that I pretty much just ignored, chalking it up to southern mothers talking about old wives tales. I was told that a shot of whiskey a day – a single shot – was in fact fairly healthy for you. See why I couldn’t believe it? Now, years after […]

Hacktivists claim ISIS planning attacks in Paris, US, other worldwide locations for this Sunday

A report was published online on Saturday confirming that Anonymous has allegedly identified three “at risk” events in Paris, including a demonstration by Collectif du droit des femmes, a women’s rights group; concerts by Cigales Electroniques with Vocodecks and RE-Play & Rawtor; and an event called Concrete Invites Drumcode featuring Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick, and Joel […]

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