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LGBTQI Boy Scouts To Be Issued With Free Condoms

The Boy Scouts will ensure condoms are readily and freely available to everybody attending its global gathering next summer.  Scouts of all ages from around the world are scheduled to attend the World Scout Jamboree on July 21, 2019. According to the World Scout Committee’s handbook, condoms are to be “readily and easily available for […]

Suffocating on condoms & self-immolation: When internet challenges go wrong

Condom Challenge This ‘classic’ challenge reappeared on the internet over the last few days. It involves snorting condoms up the nose and attempting to pull it through the nasal cavity and out of the mouth. Aside from the associated the vomit-inducing sounds, this maneuver is life-threatening. It can cause the person to choke or suffocate […]

Weinstein ordered staff to keep ‘condoms & erectile pills’ always handy – NY AG Lawsuit

     A new lawsuit against the Weinstein Co. and its founders, filed by the New York Attorney General’s Office, has exposed fresh details of the “vicious and exploitative mistreatment” of company employees by the disgraced movie mogul. A lawsuit filed by the New York Attorney General’s office against Harvey Weinstein, his brother, and the Weinstein […]

The Plutonium Files: MIT scientists fed radioactive oatmeal to schoolboys to see what would happen

(NaturalNews) Between 1946 and 1953, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) conducted a horrifying experiment in which schoolboys were fed radioactive oatmeal, simply to support marketing claims made by the Quaker Oats company! The study was performed on more than 100 boys, many of whom were wards of the state and had been […]

Formal Public Apology addressed to: World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade Charity.

Formal Public Apology addressed to: World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade Charity. International Animal Rescue Foundation Formal Public Apology addressed to: World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade Charity Registration No: 1154524. Addressed to: (WPDCMT UK)MR DAVID MERRILLMME JULIA DE CADENETMR Robert DONKER’S to: (WPDCMT USA) MME FIA PERERA […]

Painted Massive Sun On Paris Streets Demands Renewable Energy Policy

Print Friendly Above Photo: From Twitter/‏@Greenpeace. ACTION @fhollande Renewable energy to save the climate! We must have 100% #renewables by 2050 #100RE4all #COP21. As the climate conference in Paris winds down, activists want France to take renewable energy more seriously. Climate activists gathered Friday morning to give COP21 negotiators a little encouragement and send a message […]

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