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The Hangover Remedies

After a wild night, do you feel like everything is moving around you? Or do you feel that heaviness after enjoying too much? Throughout this after-effect state, a lot of people say that they are not going to drink again. Yes, yes, but for how long? Once you are back […]

The environmental Christmas hangover

Graham Peebles writes: Christmas may seem like a distant memory but the environmental effect of the annual consumer frenzy, over-indulgence and extravagance is lasting damage. And year on year the cost to the planet grows. For the best part of a week in early January the street in which I live in London was littered […]

Frenzied Shopping Season Causes Record Hangover

It was, by all accounts, an exciting shopping season, particularly for e-commerce. I figured that out very quickly when things we’d ordered in early December took days longer than normal to arrive. The tracking info showed various issues, including packages getting hung up for days in some warehouse, apparently waiting for the next available […]

American Jewish Committee agent tries to dig up anti-Semitic dirt in a German refugee housing block

My Berlin contact Dror Dayan alerted me yesterday to a worrying case: An agent of the American Jewish Committe (AJC), a Jewish Israeli named Yonatan Shay, has visited a refugee housing block in Berlin, attempting to find evidence that would implicate mostly Syrian refugees in being inherently anti-Semitic, making the case that “Jews are being […]

‘Democratorship & creeping coup d’etat!’ Anti-government protesters rally in Poland

In the Polish capital, Warsaw, about 50,000 people joined the massive march, according to the local authorities, exceeding the expectations of rally organizers. The demonstrators protested against what they called a government’s attempt to manipulate and usurp the country’s supreme court. Some opposition MPs, who also joined the rally, even accused the ruling party of […]

Can You Avoid A Hangover After A Night Of Heavy Drinking?

Food truck and hot dog stand vendors know, the best time to set up shop is on a Friday or Saturday night around 1:30-4am. Why? Because after a heavy night of drinking, most people are on the lookout for some quick and greasy food. Some are legitimately hungry, while others eat because they believe that […]

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