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Jay Dyer21st Century Wire The Blade Runner sequel fully vindicates my analysis of the original Blade Runner. In this video I cover the main themes and messages as well as the many Edenic and biblical references. In the sequel, the biblical narratives of Rachael, Moses, the Serpent and the Christ are reversed or inverted to […]

NASA ‘Does the Math’ and Introduces 13th Zodiac Sign: Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder

NASA says they’ve done the math, and they’ve recently introduced a new zodiac sign. They’ve thrown ages-old astrology charts totally out of whack with the announcement of Ophiuchus. What used to be utilized by die-hard astrology enthusiasts to plot and plan their lives could now be thought of as heresy. If ever the New Age […]

The Importance of Morality in The Pro-White Movement

If there was one great failure of white people it was our willingness to discard the morals and ethics we once held dear so that we could succumb to our basest desires (always encouraged by the Jews of course). One of the biggest ways the Jews have controlled us is through money. They invented usury, […]

1935 German Film Confronts “Love Thy Neighbor” Sickness

“Love thy neighbour?” This is a key fragment of German film (1935) “Friesennot ” a.k.a. “Dorf im roten Sturm” and is as relevant today as it was then. Full film in German here: Source Article from Hits: 0

Leading Gaza psychiatrist launches whirlwind American speaking tour, ‘Trauma and Hope’

He came without anything.  Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei received word shortly before Erez Crossing closed at 3pm last Sunday that his “Leaving Permit” was granted.   There was no time to pick-up his luggage, no time to say goodbye to his wife and the little ones.  It was not until after he crossed the border to […]

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