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PAUL RYAN IS A JEW! Pro Immigration Stance solved.

IF IT WALKS LIKE A JEW AND TALKS LIKE A JEW AND LOVES MASS THIRD WORLD IMMIGRATION AND WHITE GENOCIDE THEN IT’S A JEW! No one could understand how yet another supposed Irishman (Jew John Kerry (Kohn) being the other) could act and behave and think so Jewish and have such Jewish views. But now we know. […]

Turkey Falls Under Boot of Dictatorship

Brutal, chaotic scenes  at the offices of Zaman newspaper in Istanbul and its related publications this weekend prove beyond doubt that Erdogan’s regime has now openly embraced dictatorship. This in a country which has a long history of military coups and genocidal authoritarianism. © REUTERS/ SELAHATTIN SEVI/ZAMAN DAILYTear Gas, Water Cannon: Turkish Police Raid Zaman Newspaper in Istanbul Recent years of seeming […]

Black People Rampage Through Downtown St Louis

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Hey, Guys: Let’s Raid NRO Again

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 23, 2016 Presently, NRO only publishes articles attacking Trump. They do not publish articles on other subjects. Totally objective writers include people like (((Levin))) and (((Goldberg))). At first, when I saw the backlash that the National Review was getting over their attack on ULTIMATE SAVIOR, I was like: “Well, I’ll leave […]

Negress Jada Pinkett Smith Calls for Boycott of Oscars Because Not Enough Blacks

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 18, 2016 The SJWs and their hordes of confused colored folk continue to spin in a tizzy over the fact that all 20 of the actor nominations for the Oscars have gone to Whites. Despite the consensus that these were the people who deserved the nominations, SJWs continue to assert that […]

Glenn Beck to offer tv show for kids

Hey kids! Sick of Bert and Ernie and Dora and Disney? Uncle Glenn is here to help!  Starting Monday, Glenn Beck’s GBTV Internet television network will be broadcasting a kids program titled Liberty Treehouse. Just in case your children weren’t conservative enough. Beck won’t be hosting the show, but it will lead into his own […]

Glenn Beck Will Shed Real Tears Next Time He Visits Israel

“It is hard to imagine that the story of the Zionist land grab of Palestine could go down in history as the redemption of the world Jews and a courageous act that need to be restored by a hypocritical Zionist mouthpiece like Glenn Beck.”   Dr. Ashraf Ezzat   “– We should go east into […]

Glenn Beck predicts doom and gloom from Jerusalem

Former Fox News host Glenn Beck led his Restoring Courage rally in Jerusalem this week, and if you didn’t buy tickets in time, don’t worry, you’re weren’t alone. Beck’s long-ago announced conference in the Holy Land went grossly unattended, despite claims from organizers that the event would reach capacity. For those that did brave a […]

Rick Perry, Glenn Beck and Alan Dershowitz: Meshugener or Shmucks?

by Eileen Fleming   Mishugener is a Yiddish word meaning insane or crazy. A Schmuck is Yiddish for a self-made fool- but it also refers to male only anatomy. Beck is a Mormon with close ties to the Tea Party and fundamentalist Christians. A fundamentalist is best understood as one who is so attached to […]

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