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A beginner’s guide to biogeometry

A beginner’s guide to biogeometry We deal with a ton of stress in our life. There are the ones people are commonly aware of, such as emotional stress, physical stress, and mental stress. Those types of stress we can control to an extent. We can get a health and wellness coach, balance our chakras, buy […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Temperature Play

Years before I ever gave a blowjob, I learned that sucking on an ice cube before blowing somebody was the very height of kink. At least that’s what an early-2010s issue of Cosmopolitan told me.  Looking back now with years of vanilla and kink experience, I can say: Yes, bringing ice cubes into the bedroom […]

An Easy Beginner’s Guide to Growing Kale

From Any guide to growing kale will start out by telling you it is a cold weather crop, which tastes best after it has been touched by frost. While cold weather may be kale’s preference, you can grow it during any season and in most climates. The flavor, output and duration from seed to […]

Children’s Librarians to Host Founder of ‘Beginner’s Sex Store’ to Discuss Sex Education for Youth

The Association of Children’s Librarians of Northern California (ACL) is hosting two events where sex-shop founder and activist Corey Silverberg will be discussing “sex education that centers justice” and “how sexuality and gender show up in public spaces.” The two

Self-sustainability and independence: A beginner’s guide to living off the grid

Self-sustainability and independence: A beginner’s guide to living off the grid Going off-grid isn’t a decision preppers make lightly, especially since there are many factors to consider before you can be more self-sufficient.If living somewhere secluded is one of your goals as a prepper, read on to learn how to prep your own off-grid homestead. (h/t […]

Yale to offer beginner Yiddish courses to fulfill language requirements

Yale will launch beginner Yiddish classes in the fall that will allow students to fulfill their language requirements, according to the Yale Daily News. Yiddish studies now offered at the Ivy League university focus on reading for translation and research purposes rather than on spoken Yiddish. The courses did not count toward its language requirement, […]

What is The Great Reset? Beginner’s Guide to Understanding a Twisted Agenda

What is The Great Reset? Beginner’s Guide to Understanding a Twisted Agenda Free North News / Ryan Craswell The Great Reset went from a fringe discussion to mainstream news in just a matter of weeks. The plan, which has been around for years, was previously dismissed by the masses as a conspiracy theory. Too wild […]

How to Love Yourself (Ultimate Beginner’s Guide)

December 16th, 2020 By Aletheia Luna Guest writer for Wake Up World Learning how to love yourself can be pretty f*cking hard. I’m going to be realistic here. While many articles, books, speakers, and teachers paint an ethereal glow around self-love … that only occurs AFTER you have gone through the down-and-dirty inner work and soul-searching. For example: How can you learn […]

Beginner’s Guide to Edible Mushrooms as Medicine

By Margie King, Health Coach Although mushrooms get good press as a low-calorie, high fiber, low-cholesterol, low-sodium decoration for your pizza, there is much more to the mushroom story than that. Mushrooms have been valued for their culinary and medicinal properties for thousands of years and the Egyptians reserved them by law for the pharaoh. […]

A Beginner’s Guide to the Ketogenic Diet: An Effective Way of Optimizing Your Health

Dr. Mercola, Guest Waking Times Many Americans suffer from various chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity, and the main culprit is usually the food they eat. The standard American diet contains excessive amounts of protein and carbohydrates, neither of which is good for your health because they eventually cause you to develop insulin […]

A Beginner’s Guide to the Ketogenic Diet: An Effective Way to Optimize Your Health

Weight loss If you’re trying to lose weight, then a ketogenic diet is one of the best ways to do it, because it helps access your body fat so that it can be shed. Obese people in particular can benefit from this method. In one study, obese test subjects were given a low-carb ketogenic diet […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Israel’s Unrecognized Villages

It’s no secret that there is an occupation happening in and around Israel. Most people agree that the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been occupied since 1967. Much less thought and literature is dedicated to the treatment of Palestinians living inside modern-day Israel proper. I decided to head over there and see for myself. It is […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Metaphysics

October 14th, 2017 By Anthony Tyler Guest writer for Wake Up World “That’s why we look behind appearances, see the world like the eye on the pyramids” – Raiza Biza In today’s society, “magic” and “religion” have become loaded words. From a scientific perspective, they have become akin to fairy-tales, folklore, and psychological simplicity. Those who find the value […]

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