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Chinese President Issues Warning: Conquering Taiwan is Inevitable

In a resolute statement on Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized that Beijing is committed to preventing the secession of Taiwan and asserted that the reunification of the island with the mainland is an inevitable trend. Speaking at a symposium marking the 130th birthday of Mao Zedong, President Xi addressed the Central Committee of the […]

Conquering the Dark: Finding the Light Behind Paleolithic Cave Art

Fascinating scientific experiments at Isuntza 1 Cave in the Basque region of Spain have attempted to replicate Paleolithic lighting conditions. The work is inspired by a desire to understand and recreate how Paleolithic cave dwellers might have travelled, lived in, and created art in the depths of their caves. The results have been published in […]

This is how the globalists are dividing and conquering American society with mandatory masks (Video)

Nothing like a morning Fight Club as tempers flared on @AmericanAir LAS-CLT flight today….So much for social distancing! #AAFightClub @thefatjack — Caryn Ross (@SuperSassyMama) August 17, 2020

Conquering Afrin as Religious Duty: Operation Olive Branch & Turkey’s Supposed Transformation into a Sunni Superpower

Dr Can Erimtan 21st Century Wire Turkey’s Tayyip Erdoğan (aka the Prez) is now once again performing a delicate war-dance with his partners Russia and America, with President Putin (aka the Czar) clearly supporting his southern neighbour while the U.S. President Trump appears as clueless as ever. Ever since Syria’s not-so civil war erupted in […]

Saudi animation shows military ‘conquering’ arch-rival Tehran (VIDEO)

The video was posted by an anonymous Saudi Arabian user last week on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It begins by showing a Saudi aid ship on a humanitarian mission in the “Arabian Gulf” (Persian Gulf), which soon comes under attack from Iranian forces in nearby attack boats. Saudi back-up soon arrives and fires at […]

Black on Old Man Violence with a Gun — and a Happy Ending

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Syria Advances as Russia Strikes ISIL: Another Week in Review – Veterans Today

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