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The cruelty and futility of Israel’s starvation blockade on Gaza

Seeking victory by starving Palestinians of Gaza is not only a crime, it’s a blunder. Source

The Futility of Trying To Save That Which Has Long Been Dead

Words mean things. What words mean change with time and usage. There is no way to understand the meaning of the words used by the American Revolutionaries in their speeches and documents using what those words mean in 2023, or even 1923. One must make a study of the meaning of words at the time […]

House Republicans Try Flipping Script from Funding Futility to Border Security

House Republicans are hammering out their differences over spending plans for 2024 while Democrats and the media blame them for the looming shutdown caused by the establishment’s unpopular demands for more migration and the war in Ukraine. Source

The Futility of Dialogue with Idiots and Liars

August 26, 2022 Source The entire crisis could have been avoided with much less loss of life if the NATO powers had responded to Russia’s long-held security concerns. Two weeks ago, the Strategic Culture Foundation proposed an urgent, simple test: stop the artillery shelling on the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant. The ZNPP – Europe’s largest […]

“Trump’s Legacy and the Futility of Biden’s Bipartisanship”

Historically, Republicans project the image of containing public spending, keeping the public debt low, and creating more wealth for society. From Reagan to Trump, history shows that spending for defense, intelligence, domestic security goes through the roof, at the same time that taxes of the rich are cut while indirect taxes paid by the mass […]

Russia warns US about ‘futility and viciousness’ of Washington’s stance on Iran deal

US slaps sanctions on 5 Iranian entities for ‘involvement in Iran’s ballistic missile program’ Moscow believes that Washington has either already made or is close to making a decision to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), according to deputy foreign minister Sergey Ryabkov. “This may be one of Washington’s major foreign policy […]

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