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Schumer Confident Midterms Will Lead to Increased Bipartisanship In Next Congress

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), who is on track to keep his job as Democrats are projected to hold onto the U.S. Senate, has said that he thinks the results of the 2022 midterms will force Republicans to do more bipartisan work in the 118th Congress. Democrats have taken enough seats to hold the […]

Phil Murphy pushes bipartisanship as he takes helm at NGA

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy on Friday took the helm of the National Governors Association, launching his term with a message of bipartisanship and commitment to address youth mental health issues. Murphy, a self-styled diplomatic progressive, has been steadily raising his national profile in recent months, fueling rumors that he could be a potential 2024 […]

Sen. Portman still champions bipartisanship, against tide

For a moment this past week, it was like the old days in Washington President Joe Biden a Democrat, smiled as he announced a bipartisan deal. He turned to and put his hand on Republican Sen. Rob Portman’s shoulder, a gesture meant to signal a closeness. But Portman, a three-decade Washington veteran who plans to […]

Is Bipartisanship on Iran a Lost Cause?

The US Capitol dome is seen in Washington, US, December 17, 2020. Photo: REUTERS/Erin Scott – On its face, it seems like very good news. A pair of gestures—a letter from members of the House of Representatives and a resolution introduced in the chamber—aimed at restoring a vestige of bipartisanship on the question of […]

Joe Biden Taps All Democrats for Cabinet Despite Promise to Restore Bipartisanship

Joe Biden has not even taken office yet, but he appears to be jettisoning his promise to restore bipartisanship in Washington, D.C. —at least according to the makeup of the president-elect’s cabinet.

“Trump’s Legacy and the Futility of Biden’s Bipartisanship”

Historically, Republicans project the image of containing public spending, keeping the public debt low, and creating more wealth for society. From Reagan to Trump, history shows that spending for defense, intelligence, domestic security goes through the roof, at the same time that taxes of the rich are cut while indirect taxes paid by the mass […]

VIDEO: AIPAC Propaganda – “The Value of Bipartisanship”

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