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Natalie Portman Supported Defunding the Police, Now Benefiting from Baltimore PD Protection After Criminals Threaten Her Apple TV Series Set

Hollywood star Natalie Portman publicly supported defunding the police back in 2020, encouraging politicians to deprive police departments of taxpayer dollars. Now the Oscar-winning actress is benefiting from Baltimore police protection after drug dealers threatened gun violence on the set of her new Apple TV+ series.

Portman backs Timken in crowded Ohio GOP primary

Portman’s endorsement comes after he announced last year that he would not be seeking reelection for a third term. The race for the GOP nomination to replace him has grown into one of 2022’s most crowded, featuring Timken, “Hillbilly Elegy” author J.D. Vance, former state treasurer Josh Mandel, state Sen. Matt Dolan and investment banker […]

Sen. Portman still champions bipartisanship, against tide

For a moment this past week, it was like the old days in Washington President Joe Biden a Democrat, smiled as he announced a bipartisan deal. He turned to and put his hand on Republican Sen. Rob Portman’s shoulder, a gesture meant to signal a closeness. But Portman, a three-decade Washington veteran who plans to […]

Natalie Portman Has ‘Rewritten’ Classic Fairy Tales To Make Them “Gender-Neutral”

American actress Natalie Portman has rewritten several classic fairy tales to make them “gender-neutral” so “children can “defy gender stereotypes” Portman’s gender-corrected book of fairytales entitled, Natalie Portman’s Fables includes old favorites like The Tortoise and the Hare, Country Mouse and City Mouse and The Three Little Pigs You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing […]

Genesis Prize threw Natalie Portman under the bus to protect Netanyahu

Jewish Insider has continued investigating what was actually behind Natalie Portman’s decision not to attend the Israeli Genesis Prize ceremony – a decision which made headlines last month, when the Genesis Foundation issued a press release, as if on her behalf, saying that “[r]ecent events in Israel have been extremely distressing to her and she […]

Portman and Perlman, and the liberal Zionist awakening

Master violinist Itzhak Perlman is one of the most beloved Jewish public figures of the last half-century. His personal story; his birth to Holocaust survivors; his skills, modesty and playfulness, have made him an unassailable example of the humane, artistic, thinking Jew. In a Billboard interview, after the release of the documentary film “Itzhak,” Perlman […]

Portman’s move puts pressure on liberal Zionists to take a stand

It’s hardly surprising that rightwing Israel supporters are hurling invective at Natalie Portman for her refusal to attend a prize ceremony in Israel because Prime Minister Netanyahu was to share the stage, and she is distressed by Israeli “atrocities” in Gaza. The Israeli-born actress has betrayed the Jewish “family.” She is aiding anti-Semites. She  has “absurd, uninformed, inaccurate, dangerous […]

Natalie Portman opens a BDS Pandora’s Box for liberal Zionists

Natalie Portman’s recent decision not to attend the Israeli Genesis Prize ceremony has made loud noise across the world. Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev said that she “was very sorry to hear that Portman fell like a ripe fruit into the hands of BDS supporters” and Minister of Strategic Affairs and Hasbara, Gilad Erdan invoked the […]

Portman and Corbyn

By Gilad Atzmon Last Thursday, The Genesis Prize announced it was cancelling its so-called “Jewish Nobel” prize ceremony in Israel in June because its 2018 recipient, Natalie Portman, said she would not take part in light of “recent events.” The Jewish foundation said that Portman’s representative notified it that “recent events in Israel have been […]

Natalie Portman’s cancellation: Inching towards the tipping point

When New Zealand star Lorde cancelled her scheduled concert in Israel, directly citing BDS and Israel’s crimes, an editorial in the Washington Post predicted that she was setting a precedent. “Lorde will almost certainly be one of the last major artists to schedule an Israel concert date without appearing to have fully considered the global […]

Dear Natalie Portman: I too was once a liberal Zionist

“Israel was created exactly 70 years ago as a haven for refugees from the Holocaust. But the mistreatment of those suffering from today’s atrocities is simply not in line with my Jewish values. Because I care about Israel, I must stand up against violence, corruption, inequality, and abuse of power.” Natalie Portman, Friday 20 April […]

BDS Applauds Portman Rejection of “Jewish Nobel” Prize in Protest of Netanyahu Policies

JERUSALEM – In an unexpected rebuke, Israeli-born actress Natalie Portman has declined to attend the June award ceremony for the Genesis Prize, sometimes nicknamed the “Jewish Nobel,” citing recent and “distressing” events in Israel. Portman, in declining to receive the prize, will still receive $2 million in prize money, which she previously announced she would […]

Natalie Portman’s criticism of ‘atrocities’ leaves Israel’s advocates silent

Israeli-American actress Natalie Portman’s refusal to accept an award at a ceremony in Israel because of “extremely distressing” recent events is causing a huge headache for Israel advocates. Yesterday Portman issued a statement elaborating on her earlier statement. She cited “atrocities” and her discomfort at attending a ceremony alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Although she […]

Natalie Portman did not accept Israeli prize due to Netanyahu’s brutality

Actress Natalie Portman has defended her decision not to attend an Israeli awards ceremony, saying she can be critical of the brutality of Israeli leadership. She snubbed the Genesis Prize, known as the Jewish Nobel prize, a decision which has led to calls for her to be stripped of her Israeli citizenship. In a statement, […]

"Tide is turning" as Natalie Portman cancels Israel appearance

Ali Abunimah Activism and BDS Beat 20 April 2018 Natalie Portman (Wikimedia) Israel is crediting the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement for Natalie Portman’s refusal to receive an award in Jerusalem. On Thursday, the Genesis Prize Foundation announced it was canceling its 2018 award ceremony after the Oscar-winning actor had informed it that “recent […]

Natalie Portman says, Enough!

The Gaza killings have hurt Israel’s image in the world, and tonight the damage got even bigger. In an astonishing move, the Israeli-American film star Natalie Portman, 36, informed an Israeli foundation she would not show up at the awards ceremony for Israel’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize, because, as the JTA reports: The [Genesis] […]

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