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Gloria Estefan reveals she caught COVID-19, is now recovered

Singer and businesswoman Gloria Estefan said on Wednesday that she spent much of November in isolation after testing positive for COVID-19 days after dining outdoors at a Miami-area restaurant Estefan, 63, says she was fortunate, enduring only “a little bit of a cough” and dehydration after losing her sense of smell and taste, and has […]

Testimonies From The Gloria Quintanilla Women’s Cooperative Of Nicaragua

Above photo: From July 11–21, 2019, the Friends of the ATC and the ATC hosted their “Solidarity with Nicaragua” delegation. Friends of the ATC. “The Land is Our Mother” When a group of campesinas in the community of Santa Julia, Nicaragua founded the Gloria Quintanilla Cooperative in 2008 with the Rural Workers’ Association (Asociación de […]

Faux Feminist Gloria Steinem: A Portrait of CIA-Controlled Opposition for Internationalist Agendas

By Russ Winter Throughout the post-WWII era, certain usual suspects have been given a pedestal and have been promoted. The dead give away is that these individuals just aren’t that compelling or even intelligent. They are hired hacks whose mission is to tear down traditional institutions and degrade society. One of those targets was the family and […]

Did the CIA use Gloria Steinem to subvert the feminist & civil rights movements for the purpose of further separating people?

Co-opting Radical Feminism for Corporate Interests      While preeminent American feminist Gloria Steinem’s CIA background receives wide attention on the Internet, it’s a totally taboo topic in either the corporate or the so-called “alternative” media. Steinem’s work for the CIA front group Independent Research Service first entered the public domain in 1967 when Ramparts magazine […]

SICK: Gloria Steinem says that allowing a human child to be born instead of murdering it will cause global warming

(Natural News) While scientists continue to debate what could be causing climate change, feminist icon Gloria Steinem thinks she knows the answer. In an interview with Refinery29, the outspoken 83-year-old said that climate change is actually a feminist issue. In her view, the fact that not all women have access to abortions is directly responsible […]

Washington Complicates the Dispute in the South China Sea

Europe’s oldest forest is threatened by a beetle infestation – let nature take its course

Lucinda Kirkpatrick (TC) : Białowieza Forest is the kind of place you imagine from the Grimm fairy tales. Huge firs, oaks and ashes tower over you, woodpeckers and other birds call all around you and the guides who work there know the intimate history, and names, of many individual trees. The forest is home to […]

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