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Asphalt Princess: Hijackers have left vessel off UAE coast, says British navy group

The hijackers who seized a vessel off the coast of the United Arab Emirates in the Gulf of Oman left the targeted ship on Wednesday, the British navy reported, without elaborating. The British military’s United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations reported that the incident, which it had described as a “potential hijack” the night before, was […]

15 of The 19 “HIJACKERS” On 9/11 Were CIA Agents, Never On The Plane

According to a newly released report, 15 of the 19 Saudi Arabian “hijackers” were actually CIA agents who were, at the time, covertly working with rogue factions of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex to carry out a sinister multifaceted, multi-vectored, plot to loot billions if not trillions of taxpayer dollars from the Corporation of the […]

CITI: Italian Referendum Bigger Risk to Europe Than Brexit

Analysts at Citi have called a probable Italian referendum on constitutional reform next fall “the single biggest risk on the European political landscape this year,” bigger even than Brexit. In the midst of much hand-wringing over the possible consequences of the recent UK decision to detach itself from the European Union, Citi […]

CIA Finally Come Clean About Chemtrails On Their Website

The CIA have released an astonishing report on their website that confirms the existence of a U.S. weather modification program that produces chemtrails in the skies.  A speech given by CIA director Director John O. Brennan to the Council on Foreign Relations was transcribed and uploaded to the CIA’s official website on 29th June, 2016. In […]

DARPA Receives Funding For Next Phase To Weaponize Space

By Nicholas West While it is quite clear that there is an ongoing military arms race on Earth, the militarization/weaponization of outer space remains contentious. Superficially, it would appear that East and West are in conflict about how to proceed with space-based weaponry. The Moscow Times has noted that Russia, China […]

New World Order Reveal Plans To Decode Your Brain And Read Your Mind

Over forty heads of state and government as well as 2500 leaders from business and finance met at Davos, Switzerland early this year.  What did these members of the world’s ruling class talk about? Their plans to decode your brain and read your mind. Describing the human brain as a ‘blob of meat that computes,’ the […]

9/11: Cover and Deception, the Phony Hijackers

American Mythology, “Cover and Deception”   By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Ten years after 9/11, with the Pentagon missile proven, with the controlled demolition of Building 7 proven, the media, as instructed, is following a “cover and deception” story that began long ago, the mythology about the 9/11 “hijackers.”  Journalists can’t cross a street without […]

The 9/11 Vegas mystery: Why DID hijackers visit Sin City five times before attacks?

UK Daily Mail Sept 9, 2011 Ten years after 9/11, a key question at the heart of the plot remains unanswered – why did the terrorists spend so much time in Las Vegas? Police went to tremendous lengths to piece together the hijackers movements in the days, weeks and months before they crashed airliners into […]

9/11 Unveiled (Part 4 of 10): The Hijackers

by Enver Masud   On September 12, 2001 ABC News reported that “investigators have identified all the hijackers”. Among those identified was “Satam Suqami, a Saudi national on American Airlines Flight 11, whose passport was [miraculously] recovered in the rubble.” The next day, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller announced that the FBI had “identified most […]

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