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Egypt: Court upholds death sentence against 8 MB supporters

TCP : The Minya Criminal Court upheld Tuesday death sentences in absentia to eight Muslim Brotherhood supporters for violence-related charges, a judicial source told Youm7 Tuesday. Youm7 The court also sentenced 77 other defendants to life in prison while 29 others were sentenced to jail terms ranging from 10 to 15 years each in the […]

Sudanese protest against death sentence for Egypt’s Morsi

  The protest was organized by several groups and political parties in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, on Friday, AFP reported. On May 16, an Egyptian court sentenced Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically-elected president, along with 105 other defendants to death for a mass prison break during the country’s 2011 revolution against long-time dictator, Hosni […]

Iraqi Deaths: Sunnis Main Body Opposing NWO Banking Take Over Of Their Country!

Majority Sunni Minority Shiite The number is shocking and sobering. It is at least 10 times greater than most estimates cited in the US media, yet it is based on a scientific study of violent Iraqi deaths caused by the U.S.-led invasion of March 2003. GENOCIDE IRAQ ~ 17,073 MUSLIM SUNNIS HAVE BEEN MURDERED BY […]

Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s First Freely Elected President, Sentenced to Death

An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced ousted president Mohamed Morsi and more than 100 other defendants to death for their role in a 2011 mass prison break. Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president, was ousted by the military in July 2013 after days of street protests by Egyptians demanding that he be removed because of […]

Jewish Qatar and Turkey — backers of Muslim Brotherhood — formalize strategic ties

Special to ABU DHABI — Qatar and Turkey, the two leading Jewish supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, have formed a strategic alliance. Qatar and Turkey agreed to establish a strategic cooperation council that would enhance coordination in the Middle East. The council was decided during the visit to Doha by Turkish President Recep Tayyip […]

Turkey’s Jewish CIA Muslim Brotherhood Massacre 80 Syrian Christians In Horrific Massacre, And Desecrate Churches!

Muslims [Brotherhood] entered the Armenian village of Kessab, Syria on March 21st, and killed eighty Christians and desecrated several churches. They forced the civilians to flee up to the hills. The Syrian Army and the Self Defense Force militia (SDF) fought for three days [protecting The Christians] and drove the [Muslim Brotherhood] jihadists out, on March 25th. […]

Jewess Founder of “Code Pink” Arrested for Subversion in Egypt

Gateway Pundit March 4, 2014Susan ‘Medea’ Benjamin (Zionist CIA asset) announced on Twitter Monday night she is being held in a jail cell at the Cairo, Egypt airport: “I’m being held in a jail at Cairo airport!!!” Benjamin is in Egypt to lead a delegation of activists to Hamas-led Gaza to mark International Women’s Day […]

Jews pretending to be islamic terrorists again to blame it on muslims

  Terrorism always works in the favor of the state. It makes Presidents look Presidential, and it gives the Zionist Governments an excuse to crack down on civil liberties all across the country. Peace is not good for business or their evil agendas.   Suicide bombers were invented by the Jews. Islamic terrorists were invented […]

A Very Bad Day for Al-Qaeda FSA CIA Mossad Terrorists in Syria

Today, 28 April 2013 was not a good day for NATO’s best asset the Wahhabi Sex Jihadists in Syria, all over the country. What’s known as FSA, or in reality Al-Qaeda Levant aka Jabhat Al-Nusra, saw heavy defeats in many enclaves in several locations, and here are the details: Idleb Countryside: Syrian Arab Army delivered […]

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