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RSPCA NSW 2014 Financial report total $94.5 million No way would I give my money to a billion dollar corporation that pays its CEO 6 figure base salary. Gets millions of dollars in grants every year from their government, nothing goes to the welfare of animals. Overstock food and supplies from sponsors gets thrown in the rubbish bin on a […]

Australian cattle in the Middle East tortured by Zionist Meat Industry

Footage shows Australian cattle ‘tortured’ by Zionist Meat Industry 2:28pm December 12, 2013 The live animal export debate has reignited again in the senate (Supplied) Share 426 Email The Australian Jewish government is investigating a shocking case of cruelty against Australian cattle in the Middle East that has reignited the call to cease live exports. […]

Walmart animal cruelty

WATCH: Pigs Kicked, Punched, and Spiked Like Footballs at Tyson Factory Farm A shocking undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals exposes routine and sadistic animal abuse at a Tyson factory farm that supplies pork to Walmart. Workers kick, punch, throw and gouge the eyes of mother pigs and piglets. Learn more and take action at […]

Toxic Pedigree DentaStix for dogs

I have noticed since giving my 13kg dog this product , he has been very itchy and doesn’t keep still. This is the last time I give toxic treats like this to my dog. read more:

Australian Meat industry animal cruelty

Print Email Facebook Twitter More Australian Meat Industry footage of Egyptian cattle cruelty revealed 7.30 By Matt Peacock, staff Updated 2 hours 14 minutes ago Video: WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Watch 7.30’s story on the abattoir footage (7.30) Photo: The footage shows a worker repeatedly stabbing a bull until it dies. (7.30) Related Story: Egypt promises […]

animal cruelty in India

This is animal cruelity , And needs to be exposed. Do we not have any animal rights personal in India or what On the eve of Bakr-id, environmentalist and animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi has appealed to the public to stop camel slaughter across the country. Every year, about 40,000 camels are killed on the […]

Facts about the Milk industry & animal cruelty

  The 4 most important facts you should know about the dairy industry and animal milk… 1. Dairy cows are enslaved, raped and constantly impregnated, tortured, and then, when they can no longer produce milk, they are sold to the meat industry for beef production (most cows killed by the beef industry are dairy cows). […]

Jewish Monsanto GMO food featherless chickens, animal cruelty

“The birds, created at the Hebrew University in Israel, will not need to be plucked, saving money in processing plants” This is what a genetically modified organism, or GMO, looks like. These so-called-chickens have been modified so that they do not grow feathers. “The birds, created at the Hebrew University in Israel, will not need […]

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