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Endangered Species Monday: Afrithelphusa monodosa.

Endangered Species Monday: Afrithelphusa monodosa. Endangered Species Monday: Afrithelphusa monodosa Warning: Extinction is now Inevitable This Mondays (E.S.P) -Endangered Species watch Post I focus on a species of fresh water crab that’s rarely spoken about within the theater of conservation, or animal rights forums. Identified by Mr Bott from which I know little on and about […]

Animal Rights in Australia: Eco-Terror and the “War on Terrier”

“It’s time that Pistol and Boo buggered back to the United States.” – Barnaby Joyce, Australian agriculture minister, ABC, May 14, 2015. One should be able to make light of it, though anything involving introduced species, pet sympathy and a community watery-eyed at thoughts they might be affected is bound to bring frowns and scowls.  […]

RSPCA NSW 2014 Financial report total $94.5 million No way would I give my money to a billion dollar corporation that pays its CEO 6 figure base salary. Gets millions of dollars in grants every year from their government, nothing goes to the welfare of animals. Overstock food and supplies from sponsors gets thrown in the rubbish bin on a […]

Australian Live Export animal abuse continues

  In late 2013, alarming cruelty was filmed at the Festival of Sacrifice in Gaza. The live exporter at the heart of this exposé was not new to this type of controversy — they had already been exposed for recurring breaches in Jordan. So despite an official Government investigation, Animals Australia remained concerned that abuses […]

Jews Cry Persecution as Denmark Bans Animal Torture

Daily Stormer February 20, 2014 With the practice of Kosher slaughter, Jews prove that they are not human beings. The Jewish infection of Denmark is crying Antisemitism as the nation has officially and completely banned their sick animal torture behaviors. Can you imagine any worse sort of crybabying?  I mean, I am a vicious and […]

Australian cattle in the Middle East tortured by Zionist Meat Industry

Footage shows Australian cattle ‘tortured’ by Zionist Meat Industry 2:28pm December 12, 2013 The live animal export debate has reignited again in the senate (Supplied) Share 426 Email The Australian Jewish government is investigating a shocking case of cruelty against Australian cattle in the Middle East that has reignited the call to cease live exports. […]

Animal Cruelty Free Shop Glebe NSW

Jess Bailey, The Cruelty Free Shop will ban anyone from her Facebook page, for mentioning about the Zionist Government and their Australian meat industry corporation. She will call you a racist. Does this sound like another zionist Jew hiding the truth about our Australian politics… again using the race card to discredit those in the […]

Australian Meat industry animal cruelty

Print Email Facebook Twitter More Australian Meat Industry footage of Egyptian cattle cruelty revealed 7.30 By Matt Peacock, staff Updated 2 hours 14 minutes ago Video: WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Watch 7.30’s story on the abattoir footage (7.30) Photo: The footage shows a worker repeatedly stabbing a bull until it dies. (7.30) Related Story: Egypt promises […]

Great Vegan Athletes – Meat Industry lies

Many of the most successful sportspeople worldwide are now vegan. While they may differ in that they have decided to go vegan to avoid animal cruelty, for their health, to reduce environmental impact, or other reasons, they have one large similarity. They have proved that excellence and veganism often go together. Australian Meat industry has […]

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