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Dear Boomers

This video addresses the first generation of people who grew up fully immersed in a stew of both cultural marxism and materialistic capitalism, and calls on new generations to create a better world. Youtube link: Source Article from

ITEL Radio: “Rule of Law” and Western “Elites”, Graham Hart, & Jez Turner

Hour 1 – The Rule of the Law and the Ruling EliteHour 2 – Guest, Graham HartHour 3 – Guest, Jez Turner, UK Political Activist, The London Forum Download linkShow page Source Article from

Karmanos Cancer Center doctor caught running over a dozen sock puppet accounts to impersonate online identities

(NaturalNews) There is evil in this world. Remember Hitler? He poisoned people to death on purpose – millions of people. What if you found out right now that medical doctors are engaged in poisoning millions of Americans as we speak, yet under the “radar,” and under the canopy of a crooked, insidious form […]

Armed police out in force across Europe in wake of Brussels attacks

     Emergency patrols, beefed up security at transport hubs and a heavier armed police presence have become the new reality in Europe, following the deadly Brussels attacks. The Netherlands’ National Coordinator for Security and Counter-Terrorism (NCTV) agency said on Wednesday that Dutch military police would carry heavier arms to ensure the security of ‘high-risk sites’ […]

Families Outraged After Cop Pepper Sprays Children at School

Andrew Emmit | The Free Thought Project Las Vegas, NV — In a blatant abuse of authority, a Las Vegas cop was recently caught on cell phone video pepper-spraying a group of high school students. Instead of committing a crime or threatening the officer’s safety, the teens were simply […]

‘Disaster is Imminent’… Constitutional Attorney: "States Have The Legal Authority To Defend Border Under Constitution"

Aspiring to Rule the World: US Capitalism and the Battle for Syria

The idea that the United States has “interests” abroad is an affront to democracy and geography. How can a country have interests, and not only that, but vital ones, in every corner of the world, unless we ignore geography and the idea that the people who live in a place ought to own it, and […]

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