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RH – Two-Legged Beasts of the Earth

The Beast of the Earth Was/Is Not An Animal – Parts 1 through 4 ( The post RH – Two-Legged Beasts of the Earth appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

These Beasts Are Not From The East

Above photo: HMS Ocean, HMS Bulwark and RFA Mounts Bay during Joint Expeditionary Force (Maritime) in the Mediterranean. September 28, 2016. According to Ian Cobain in his article published in the Guardian in September 2016, it is a fact that Britain has been to war more than any other country in history. True to type, […]

2020, Year of the Deeply Ancient Beasts

Pterodactylus is an extinct genus of pterosaurs whose members are commonly known as pterodactyls. Pterodactylus antiquus was the first pterosaur to be named and identified as a flying reptile, while Terrordactyl was an awesome 2016 movie where ancient flying reptiles attacked Los Angeles. Now, an international team has uncovered an astounding discovery based on remains found […]

Religious Jew: Goyim are Beasts to Serve Us as Slaves

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 3, 2017 Okay, so earlier today, in an article about Black Pigeon, I pointed out that the “they have power because they have a higher IQ” argument doesn’t take into the fact that there are more whites with higher IQs, due to total numbers, so white should have […]

Dead minke whale found washed up on Fife beach in Scotland

     A 23ft whale has washed up on a popular Scots beach after becoming tangled in fishing gear and drowning. The mammal, which is believed to be an adult male Minke whale, was spotted lying on the West Sands beach in St Andrews, Fife, on Wednesday evening. Experts from the SRUC’s Marine Animal Strandings Scheme […]

Ancient Coin Depicts Mysterious ‘Flying Saucer’

Is it possible that this ancient coin, dating back from the 1680’s, is depicting  an alien UFO visiting planet Earth? According to numerous UFO researchers, the jeton, which has an inscription of a saucer-shaped object is, in fact, the ultimate evidence that Alien beings have visited Earth in the distant past. Many people have also […]

Don’t get too excited, when it comes to Israel & Palestine, Sanders is a bit of a flip flopper

Bernie Sanders and the question of Palestine Senator Bernie Sanders makes a victory speech after defeating Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, at Concord High School, 9 February. Keiko Hiromi Polaris   At a March 1988 news conference endorsing Jesse Jackson’s candidacy for president, Bernie Sanders blasted Israel’s brutal […]

‘Let the one-state era begin’– Tom Friedman explains there will never be a Palestinian state

Hat’s off to Thomas Friedman. The New York Times columnist states what the New York Times news reporters failed to report to America (notably Jodi Rudoren, the former Jerusalem bureau chief) and that we have reported: The two state solution is over, there will never be a Palestinian state, let us move on to the […]

To Protect Local Democracy, British Parliament Gets Fracked

Print Friendly Above Photo: Greenpeace has installed a life-like ten-metre fracking rig and drill at Parliament Square this morning to ‘bring the local impacts of fracking to the heart of democracy’. (Photo: Greenpeace/Kristain Buut) ‘Ministers are pushing aside local democracy to bulldoze through their unpopular fracking plans,’ says anti-drilling campaigners As a way to “bring the […]

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