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Defamation Laws In Bhutan

It has even offered lethal drones that Ukrainian forces have used to assault Russian troops. But Ankara hasn’t imposed sanctions on the Kremlin, making it a sorely wanted companion for Moscow. Grappling with runaway inflation and a rapidly depreciating forex, Turkey additionally relies on the Russian market. Turkey, a NATO member, has discovered itself opposite […]

What is Bhutan?

Israel on Saturday announced that it had established diplomatic relations with Bhutan, the fifth country to do so in recent months alongside United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco. But Bhutan is not an Arab country, and most people who heard the news about the normalization agreement probably asked themselves “what is Bhutan?” Ambassador to […]

Israel says hi to Morocco, Bhutan, Dubai and goodbye to Ashrawi

December 14, 2020 by David Singer Read on for article Another momentous week has seen President Trump broker diplomatic relations between Israel and Morocco – whilst Bhutan and Israel established diplomatic ties and Israel’s first commercial flight to Dubai occurred. It is also the week in which long-serving member of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) […]

Israel Inks Deal Establishing Diplomatic Relations With Bhutan

Israel has established full diplomatic ties with Bhutan, a small, majority-Buddhist landlocked kingdom in the Himalayas neighbouring India and China. The agreement was signed on Saturday at a ceremony held at the residence of Israel’s Ambassador to India Ron Malka, with the ambassador of Bhutan to India Major General Vetsop Namgyel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu […]

Israel normalizes ties with Bhutan

Israel established full diplomatic relations with Bhutan for the first time on Saturday night.Ambassador to India Ron Malka and his Bhutanese counterpart Vetsop Namgyel signed the final agreement normalizing ties on Saturday night.The countries’ foreign ministries held secret talks over the past year towards the goal of forging official ties, which included delegations between the […]

Israel Establishes Diplomatic Relations With Bhutan

The Media Line — Israel established diplomatic relations with Bhutan, a majority-Buddhist country located on the eastern edge of the Himalayas. The Israeli and Bhutanese ambassadors to India held a signing ceremony on Saturday night. Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said in a tweet that he spoke last week with Bhutan Foreign Minister Tandi Dorji […]

Morocco and Bhutan: The 4th and 5th countries to announce full relations with Israel in five months

Browse > Home / News / Morocco and Bhutan: The 4th and 5th countries to announce full relations with Israel in five months December 13, 2020 by Aryeh Savir – TPS Read on for article Israel celebrated another two significant diplomatic achievements over the weekend when the Kingdoms of Morocco and Bhutan became the fourth […]

Bhutan’s Burning Lake, Place of Legend and Pilgrimage

Bhutan’s sacred Burning Lake (known also as Membartsho or Mebar Tsho), in the Tang Valley, gets its name from a legend involving Pema Lingpa (or Padma Lingpa), a renowned Bhutanese saint. Today, the Burning Lake is not only visited by pilgrims, but also by tourists. In previous years, mishaps have occurred at the site, resulting […]

Hailstorm damages crop and property in Bhutan

     Hail and windstorm in several gewogs in Sarpang yesterday afternoon damaged crops and property. No casualties or injuries have been reported so far. Preliminary disaster assessment report found damage in three gewogs of Shompangkha, Dekiling and Gakidling. Shompangkha is the most affected gewog. As of late evening yesterday, assessment could be carried out in […]

Remembering The Ethnic Cleansing of Bhutan’s Lhotshampas

Jai Subedi, 38, meticulously counts the inventory in his small store ensconced in the north of Syracuse, New York. He pauses, then rubs the palms of his hands and securing his muffler, enthusiastically steps out to help two men unload the towering crates of water bottles along with sacks of onions, and apple cartons, from […]

Palestine leads Asian Cup group with win over Bhutan

The Palestinian national football team beat Bhutan 2-0 in the Asian Cup qualifier to head the four-country group that also includes Oman and the Maldives. The Asian Cup final will take place in the UAE in January 2019. The win raised Palestine’s FIFA ranking to 93, having been ranked 138th in March. “We want to […]

Environmental Defenders More Likely to be Murdered on the Job than US Cops

Dylan Charles, EditorWaking Times You’re more likely to be murdered in cold blood for working in defense of the Amazon rainforest than you are if you’re working for America’s thin blue line. The idea that policing in America is exceptionally dangerous is popular, however the truth belies this illusion. Statistically, police […]

As retirees see their pension payments slashed in half, Health Ranger launches new Food Rising grow box to save retirees up to $1,000 a year on food and groceries

(NaturalNews) Americans keep being told how good the economy is, and how well-positioned the nation is for the future – financially speaking – but reality keeps disproving those claims. And in fact, nowhere is this reality manifesting itself as profoundly as in pension funds – that is, funds that are supposed to contain […]

Saudi Arabia Cuts Ties With Iran After Embassy In Tehran Was Torched

nsnbc : Saudi Arabia cut ties with Iran on Sunday, after protesters stormed and torched the Saudi embassy in the Iranian capital Tehran. The protests came in response to Saudi Arabia’s execution of 47, including the controversial Shi’ite cleric Nimr al-Nimr.  Saudi Embassy in Tehran torched by protesters on January 2, 2015. Iran’s Supreme leader […]

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