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The COVID House That Birthed a Gigantic Hit Song

Buenos Aires, Argentina. COVID is peaking, there’s a strict quarantine and eight young, famous musicians decide to move into a mansion with a swimming pool. In noisey’s recent documentary Los del Espacio, Argentinian producer Big One laughs: it was a “disaster”. Mind you, the site of endless after-parties, clogged toilets and a broken door that […]

Study Shows How A Duke’s Jealousy Birthed Lager In 1602

Scientists scoured through old brewing documents searching for the origins of lager yeast. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

GOP Congressional Candidate Jerone Davison Says the Antichrist Is ‘Being Birthed and Manifested Through the Democrat Party’

Republican congressional candidate Jerone Davison appeared on radical right-wing broadcaster Pete Santilli’s show Friday, where he declared that he is running for office because the Antichrist is “being birthed and manifested through the Democrat Party.” Davison’s campaign to represent Arizona’s 4th Congressional District in Congress is being managed by Austin Steinbart, a QAnon conspiracy theorist […]

“V” and “F” Sounds Were Birthed in the Neolithic Overbite Revolution

At the dawn of the Neolithic revolution , which occurred around 10,000 years ago, humans began eating less raw wild foods and more processed meals. A study published in Science shows how this reduction of pressure on the teeth caused changes in the way the human jaw developed and grew. Adults of the new agricultural […]

How India’s Neoliberal Policies Killed 250,000, Birthed Modern Farmers’ Uprising

With each passing year, the agrarian crisis in India worsens. Several factors have contributed to the corrosion of India‘s agriculture system, but for the most part, India’s ever-expanding exposure to the free markets, along with the government’s imposition of neo-liberal policies to fill their coffers have had the most substantial impact. The strategy of selling off mineral-rich lands and forested areas […]

Erdogan is walking straight into Washington’s ‘Saddam Hussein’ trap

     Washington has set a trap for impulsive Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, US journalist Mike Whitney notes, adding that a ‘color revolution’ in Turkey may one day become a reality. On February 19 Washington dismissed a draft resolution by Russia aimed at preventing a Turkish invasion of Syria at the United Nations Security Council […]

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