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Facebook shuts down 100,000-member group for using carrot emoji to refer to covid vaccines, because no discussion of vaccine injuries shall be allowed

(Natural News) BBC News (United Kingdom) is on a crusade to stamp out all online references to covid “vaccines” that are negative – including those that use a carrot emoji to bypass social media censors. BBC is responsible for the removal of a more than 100,000-member Facebook group that routinely showed posts referencing Fauci Flu […]

“The Semiotics of Emoji” published in Persian

TEHRAN – “The Semiotics of Emoji: The Rise of Visual Language in the Age of the Internet” by Marcel Danesi has been published in Persian. Farhameh is the publisher of the book translated into Persian by Masud Taqiabadi and Yaman Hekmat. Emojis have gone from being virtually unknown to being a central topic in internet […]

Apple Unveils ‘Pregnant Man’ Emoji in New iPhone Update

Apple has unveiled a new pregnant man emoji for all iPhone users as part of its ‘woke’ update to be unrolled later this year. Despite the fact that men cannot get pregnant, Emojipedia’s emoji draft list that included a ‘pregnant man’ emoji was approved for some users in September 2021. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up […]

Biden’s Iran Policy Is Just Trump’s Iran Policy With A Rainbow Flag Emoji

In a new interview with CBS Evening News, President Biden confirmed that his administration will not be lifting sanctions imposed upon Iran in order to bring Tehran to the negotiating table for the restoration of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal. “Will the U.S. lift sanctions first in order […]

Twitter creates special emoji for Hanukkah hashtags

In honor of Hanukkah, Twitter has created a special emoji that will automatically accompany several hashtags relevant to the upcoming holiday.The emoji, which has already been rolled out, depicts a golden Hanukkah menorah, called a hanukkiah, displayed lit on a windowsill.This reflects Jewish tradition regarding the holiday, which has long held that the hanukkiah should […]

Telegram changes emoji of Belarus flag in solidarity with protesters | #TheCube

The instant messaging app Telegram has been at the centre of the protest movement in Belarus. The platform has now become the first to change the country’s flag emoji. Protests against the rule of authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko have been underway since the country’s disputed election on August 9. The official result handed Lukashenko a […]

Inside the church of pro-GMO activism: Genetic engineering, twisted science & altered truth

     Last year on Twitter, Monsanto Vice President Robert Fraley provided a link to an article that implied those who are suspicious of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), among other things, are confused, motivated by ideology or misinformed as a result of access to the ‘university of Google’, or they are simply conspiracy theorists. Fraley asked […]

U.N. Chief Ban Ki-moon Calls Israeli Settlements An ‘Affront’

U.N. secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has called the continuous Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank “an affront to the Palestinian people and to the international community.” Mr Ban has called for a freeze on settlement activity by Israel to give peace with the Palestinians and a two state solution a chance. Aljazeera reports: Addressing the U.N. Security […]

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