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Sacred Owls, DarkDox, & Resist The Grove new DVD out now!

This is the first DarkDox & Sacred Owls full length documentary film Available now on DVD and FREE digital download here! Although we made the digital download free, please consider purchasing the DVD. Order before July 4th and we will double your order! Give them to friends, strangers! Spread the TRUTH! Also consider donating to […]

People who believe that they are being punished by God have worse health outcomes

     It is only human nature to displace responsibility and it has a major effect on our view of religion and spirituality. Most people cannot fathom a reality or truth that the events and circumstances in our life are generated by what WE think and do. Individuals who blame karma or other non-secular matters for […]

Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (05-19-2015) Surviving Loss, Trauma & PTS

Tags: 11 september, Death, DTRH ARCHIVES, DTRH RADIO ARCHIVES, DTRH w/ Popeye, Health, loss, MDMA for PTSD, mental health, MERCE, POPEYE, PTS, PTSD, stress, surviving ptsd, trauma, william white crow Source Article from

Spending on mental health increasing

SPENDING on mental health services has ballooned by almost half a billion dollars to about $309 for every Australian, according to the latest statistics. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) says figures for 2010/11 show a rise in spending of $450 million from the previous financial year, to $6.9 billion. Of that more […]

Peter Andrew Nolan wants to murder all women and children

This is another violent email from Peter Andrew Nolan to Maree on facebook. Oh yes Maree. I am hated by women all right. They know that I am telling the truth and the only way they can “fight back” is to HATE on me with a pathological and unfounded hatred. You called me a liar […]

Peter Nolan on Facebook join us

Join our fight to spread the word about Peter Nolan, that wife abuse is wrong. So far Peter Nolan has been banned from 2 facebook groups lately ( political parties) where he spreads his women hatred.!/groups/peternolan    

Peter Nolan slanders descent men

Peter Andrew Nolan has been busy on his website writing defamatory remarks on any man that does not agree with Peter’s abuse towards women. View his forums for yourself to see his defamatory posts  

Peter Nolan wanted by Police

Peter Nolan Psychopath For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction! Peter despises his own father and brothers We quote the exact words from this deluded psychopath (unlike the cut and paste to his own worthless websites where His Loopiness censors any reference to us): disowned.jpeg If you are a father and you […]

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