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Statue of Margaret Thatcher Vandalised Again Only Weeks After Unveiling

A newly erected statue of former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been vandalised again, not even a month after it was first put up.

DECLASSIFIED UK: Margaret Thatcher’s support for Afghan jihadists covered up by UK censors

Thatcher’s Downing Street dossier on “Aid to the Afghanistan resistance movement” is being retained by Whitehall’s Cabinet Office despite becoming eligible for release to the National Archives under the 30-year rule. Thatcher’s team compiled the file from July 1981 to January 1990 during her time as prime minister when she oversaw a decade of covert British support […]

Going Underground – Was Margaret Thatcher Racist? w/ Lord Wright

Going Underground – Was Margaret Thatcher Racist? w/ Lord Wright Going Underground with Afshin We speak to Britain’s former head of the Diplomatic Service, Lord Wright about Thatchers racist ambitions in South Africa as she advocated a Whites only rule. LIKE Going Underground Going Underground Afshin Rattansi on Instagram… View […]

Faciotopy: Map for people’s faces exists on the surface of the brain

     A map for other people’s faces has been discovered in the brain. It could help explain why some of us are better at recognising faces than others. Every part of your body that you can move or feel is represented in the outer layer of your brain. These “maps”, found in the motor and […]

Labour Regained: Revolution In UK Politics, Jeremy Corbyn

Print Friendly Margaret Thatcher was asked in 2002 to name her most significant achievement. “Tony Blair and New Labour,” she replied. “We forced our opponents to change their minds.” Although deeply unpopular, Conservatives still beat New Labour in this year’s election, with policies Thatcher probably would have been proud of. The defeat triggered a leadership election for […]

Secret Operations Led to Downfall of Thatcher Government

by Trowbridge H. Ford   Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was so alarmed, and furious over Captain Simon Hayward’s draft manuscript, Under Fire: My Own Story, scheduled for publication in September 1989, that she went berserk. It was just the kind of official expose´ by a British operator of most sensitive operations that its intelligence system […]

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