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Yad Vashem opens exhibition 80 years since Operation Barbarossa

A new online exhibition commemorating 80 years since the beginning of the large-scale mass murder of Jews during the Holocaust has been created by Yad Vashem ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day this Wednesday night and Thursday.The exhibition, entitled “The Onset of Mass Murder – The Fate of Jewish Families in 1941,” highlights the stories of […]

Why Russia & Belarus Are Not Irrational to Fear Another ‘Operation Barbarossa’

American writer and investigative historian Eric Zuesse January 21, 2021 The U.S. government’s plan to conquer Russia is based upon a belief in, and the fundamental plan to establish, “Nuclear Primacy” against Russia — an American ability to win a nuclear war against, and so conquer, Russia, Eric Zuesse writes. Russia and Belarus fear another […]


Video Written and produced by SF Team: J.Hawk, Daniel Deiss, Edwin Watson At the end of the Cold War, the level of international tension has considerably declined for at least a decade, thanks to widespread multilateral disarmament bolstered by a variety of arms control regimes for conventional and nuclear armaments. That decade also saw the rapid […]

Islamic Jihad, Hamas: ZIO-WAHHABI TRAITOR’s Remarks Serve Zionist Occupation

  Islamic Jihad, Hamas: Turki Faisal’s Remarks Serve Zionist Occupation Local Editor Palestinian resistance movements Islamic Jihad and Hamas denounced remarks made by Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal, saying such remarks serve the Zionist occupation. Faisal, who in the past served as Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief, said at a conference of the Iranian opposition over the […]

Pentagon Sending Hundreds More Troops to Iraq

Pentagon Sending Hundreds More Troops to Iraq July 11th, 2016 Via: Reuters: The United States is stepping up its military campaign against Islamic State (IS) by sending hundreds more troops to assist Iraqi forces in an expected push on Mosul, the militants’ largest stronghold, […]

The Kehillah

[link at bottom of this post] (With thanks from Tom for bringing this information to my attention. And well done mate for your recent recovery) The Kehilla, or Kehillah takes precedence over all other Jewish organisations and is controlled by a board of 300 directors who meet every few years to determine the policies to […]

US backs down after Iran’s Leader warning on nuclear deal

Alwaght-Following a stern warning by Iran’s Islamic Revolution Leader that Tehran will set fire to the nuclear agreement if Washington decides to tear it down, the White House is urging the presidential candidates to back down from hardline positions and implement the deal if elected. Speaking on Tuesday in Tehran, Leader of the Islamic Revolution […]

This 2016 Presidential Candidate Will Blow You Away With His Proposals…

What if there were a 2016 presidential candidate who proposed banning fluoride, aspartame and fracking, protecting the right NOT to be vaccinated, working with the Alternative Media instead of the Mainstream Media, legalizing marijuana/hemp/cannabis, stopping police brutality and militarization and breaking up Monsanto? by Makia Freeman What if I told you this 2016 presidential candidate […]

A Step toward Ending the Madness in Syria

Secretary of State John Kerry  announces an agreement.                                                   Warring factions in the Syrian conflict have waged battle for some 5 years.  This civil war has been fueled by military weaponry pouring into Syria from Russia and the United States, and their allies.  The U.S.-led coalition has sided with the […]

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