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Why I Don’t Get All Hot & Bothered About Articles Screaming the UN or the WHO Is Being Given “authority” to Dictate Policy in the USA

“1:The USA is a Corporation, not a country, not a nation. #2:I am a Texican. #3:The political whores, Israhell Firsters, Mexico Firsters, yankee carpetbaggers and scalawags holding forth in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Colorado Are not Texicans, and the sub corporation of the USA Corporation, ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ is not, and can never […]

‘Bewitched, bothered and bewildered’ embody splintered, bickering Republicans – and no fix in sight

Is twisted Republican ritual suicide at play – the ultimate, patriotic sacrifice? The old lyric, “bewitched, bothered and bewildered,” captures not just the conflicted lover bemoaning her fate but perplexed Republican generals already facing party attrition without any new House purification stunts. Certainly ‘bewitched’ informs the hypnotic Trump cult locked into preposterous election propaganda. A […]

Russia’s expansionist aspirations aren’t bothered by ‘marginal’ issues like Syrian human rights

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Netanyahu Not Bothered That Biden Hasn’t Phoned Him Yet, Envoy Says

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looks on as he arrives to a hearing in his corruption trial at Jerusalem’s District Court February 8, 2021. Photo: Reuben Castro/Pool via REUTERS Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not troubled that US President Joe Biden has not phoned him yet, Israel‘s ambassador to Washington said on Saturday, seeking […]

A growing stink – bothered by fragrance?

     “More and more, I walk into homes, stores and businesses and am greeted with an immediate blast of perfumed air. . . . And what is added scent but a chemical? Why breathe that in constantly?” When a Washington Post reader wrote the comments above and implored me to write an article about how […]

Millions on Brink of Death in Yemen, but Congress Can’t be Bothered with Questions

Despite warnings about the intensifying humanitarian crisis in war-ravaged Yemen, members of the U.S. Congress dodged questions from an Intercept reporter this week about why lawmakers haven’t voted on U.S. support for the Saudi-led military coalition that is bombing the impoverished country while also imposing a blockade of urgently needed aid. Lee Fang, a journalist with The Intercept, […]

Thoth’s Storm: New Evidence for Ancient Egyptians in Ireland

When ancient Egypt and Ireland are spoken about in the same breath it usually results in the rolling of eyes, polite exits and the sound of murmurs citing pseudo-history and new age babble.   At least, that used to be the case. Recent discoveries in DNA research have added to already verified archaeological finds to […]

Teachers can do a great deal to help children with albinism thrive

Simon Ngalomba (TC) : In Tanzania, most students with albinism attend school alongside peers who don’t live with this condition. The idea behind this approach is that such inclusion will ultimately eliminate discrimination against those with albinism – important in a country where as many as one in 1,400 people are affected. Albinism, which is […]

How The NY Times Whitewashes the Scandal of Israel’s Child Prisoners

Dima al Wawi, 12, was released from an Israeli prison last week, and according to The New York Times, her experience there was not all that bad. She played shuffle ball and went to classes, and when she came home after more than two months, she remained her spunky self. This is the tenor of […]

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