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Spot Bitcoin ETF Inflows Could Dwarf All 150 Crypto ETPs Today

Authored by Tom Mitchelhill via, Newly compiled data from BitMEX Research estimates there are 150 crypto ETPs available today, with $50.3 billion in assets under management… United States-approved spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) could end up dwarfing the entire $50 billion crypto-related ETF market today.  According to new data from BitMEX research, the current global market […]

Scientists Find Bizarre ‘Water-Rich’ Worlds Around Red Dwarf Stars

Over the past few decades, humans have discovered thousands of exoplanets, which are worlds that orbit other stars. New observatories, such as the James Webb Space Telescope, are now working to resolve key features of these distant planets, including whether they might have the right conditions to host life. One of the biggest open questions […]

ACH (1421) Paul English – The Poison Dwarf

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1421) Paul English – The Poison Dwarf Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share

He would have a "very hard time": Pedophile dwarf avoids prison time

     A pedophile dwarf who groomed two minors through Facebook has avoided going to prison because he would have a “very hard time.” Bryan Anthony Bowen, 26, had asked the girls for naked photos and sex. Bowen, of Welshpool, Powys, contacted the children, aged 13 and 15, online. In one message to the older girl, […]

Opioid Prescription Drug Deaths Dwarf Shooting Deaths, Yet No Call To Ban Big Pharma

Natural News| Americans continue to mourn the dozens of people who were killed and hundreds wounded by a crazed lunatic in Las Vegas on Sunday, and as is usually the case when guns are involved in a mass murder incident, the usual suspects are once more calling for gun bans. “Nowhere but America do horrific large-scale mass […]

Astronomers discover moon orbiting ‘Snow White’ dwarf planet

     A new study has revealed that the third-largest dwarf planet in our solar system has its own moon. Researchers used three different space observatories to confirm that dwarf planet 2007 OR10, which is nicknamed “Snow White,” is orbited by a moon. Snow White is a 1,530 kilometer-wide (950 mile) dwarf planet, while the new […]

Iranian vessels mounted with machine guns approach US warship in Strait of Hormuz

The ships, which were dispatched to the Strait of Hormuz by Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on Monday, came within 500 yards (457 meters) of the USS New Orleans and its escort, the USS Stout, a guided missile destroyer, according to Reuters. The Iranian fleet consisted of four speedboats, three of which had mounted […]

Your environment is the hidden hand that shapes your behavior

     It can be tempting to blame failure on a lack of willpower or a scarcity of talent, and to attribute success to hard work, effort, and grit. To be sure, those things matter. What is interesting, however, is that if you examine how human behavior has been shaped over time, you discover that motivation […]

Two volcanoes in Guatemala erupt strongly within 24 hours: Santiaguito Volcano sends ash 4,500 meters above sea level

     Guatemala volcanoes are currently recording strong eruptions one after the other. After Volcan de Fuego, yesterday, the Santa Maria volcano sent a thick column of ash 4,500 meters above sea level. Two volcanoes in Guatemala erupted strongly within 24 hours. Yesterday, the Volcano of Fire covered the area with ash in a loud detonation. […]

Kiwi Freediver Breaks Own World Record

British born New Zealander William Trubridge has broken his own world record for diving to a depth of 400 feet in the Bahamas. The amazing feat was achieved in four minutes and 24 seconds with just a minor hiccup. A tag came loose on the athletes leg during ascent causing him minor concern and increased […]

Video Shows The Grim Reality Of Life As ISIS Soldier

Vice News has obtained footage claiming to show ISIS fighters involved in a fatal battle with Kurdish Peshmerga 30 miles outside of Mosul. The headcam footage was recovered from an ISIS fighter’s helmet and finishes with the man getting shot and martyred. Talk and Purpose reports: As VICE rightly points out, the ISIS propaganda wing, […]

Blocking of Russian media in Latvia is ‘shameful, stupid, undemocratic’, Riga mayor says

“What kind of a person must one be to rest assured that in the modern world and with the present level of technology it’s possible to fight with an Internet portal by forbidding it to use an lv domain?” he said in an interview with Vesti Segodnya local newspaper. “The same applies to the prohibition of […]

‘Save us from ISIS or bomb us with chemical weapons,’ Iraqi woman’s emotional plee in FB video

     A woman presumably from Fallujah, Iraq, has made an emotional appeal in a Facebook video that can’t be independently verified. She says her city is starving and called on the world to save them from jihadists or just bomb the town with chemical weapons. The video appeared on Facebook on Thursday. Though the description […]

DOVER: THE BIG FIGHT: 2nd April 2016. British Forces V Zio-Antifa Traitors ~LIVE~

“The revolution will be both radical and respectable” ~Kai Murros British and Judaeo-Antifa forces are lined up for another major head to head confrontation in England’s historic harbour town of Dover on the 2nd of April 2016 over the issue of a long planned white genocide of the indigenous people of Europe by Zionists using […]

You thought New York snowboarding was cool? Here’s how Russians do cool (VIDEO)

READ MORE: YouTuber snowboards through NYC despite police order, the result is magic (VIDEO) “My friends and I decided we’re done with our office routine and office deadlines and arranged a snowboard ride with an infantry fighting vehicle [IFV],” blogger Pavel Makarov, who organized the event, told RT’s Ruptly news agency. Pavel and his mates, […]

Iran Just Took 10 US Navy Sailors Hostage, When You Hear Obama’s Response You’ll Be SICK …

Our new BFF, Iran, has seized two of our U.S. Navy boats — with 10 of our sailors on them. Yep, just a few hours before President Obama takes the podium to regal us with his myriad accomplishments — like the stellar nuclear deal with Iran — in his final State of the Union (SOTU) address. […]

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