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Joe Rogan Says We’re Empowering ‘EVIL’ With Terms Like ‘Minor-Attracted Persons’

JOE ROGAN: “It’s so crazy that we’ve always protected children from influence. We’ve always protected children from bad decisions. That’s why you can’t get a tattoo — before you’re 18 years old.” JAMES LINDSAY: “They have to because they’re soft targets. You’re 100% right. But they’re after childhood innocence. They say that, too. There are […]

Israel names retired general as government lead for missing persons

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appointed reserve Brigadier General Gal Hirsch on Sunday as the government’s lead on missing citizens following Operation Al-Aqsa Flood launched by Hamas on Saturday. According to Netanyahu’s office, all government ministries will be subject to his instructions on this matter. The Times of Israel and other media outlets explained that […]

[Snow Nose Trudeau] Crime Cabal Controls Persons of Influence Thru Their Addictions: Coke, Kids, & Other Drugs

Comment:  Another name for this cabal is Jewish Mafia or Anglo-Dutch Empire aka British Empire.  This cabal controls the Drug Trade so these people get all the drugs they want for free building an addict’s dependence on the crime Cabal. Source


This Christmas, NEPOMAK branches worldwide held events to remember the missing persons of Cyprus. These events were coordinated globally by NEPOMAK (the World Federation of Young Diaspora Cypriots) and POMAK (the World Federation of Diaspora Cypriots), with the support of the Presidential Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Photis Photiou. Events were held in… […]

In Queensland the lawless state, police want you to inform on persons, neighbours, friends!

WARNING: ‘Conspiracy theory(?) ahead; Queensland is a ‘lawless’ state. After the shootings at Wieambilla, approx 250km north west of Brisbane on Monday the 12th of December 2022, Queensland police want the general population to do their job for them. They want people or rather in legal terms; multiple ‘persons’ to snitch/inform/dob in their neighbours, friends […]

Over 200 eminent persons write to CJI to expedite pending constitutional matters

To: The Hon’ble Chief Justice of India Supreme Court of India Tilak Marg New Delhi-110001 Subject: PENDING CONSTITUTIONAL MATTERS Respected Hon’ble Chief Justice of India, We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens from various fields, approaching you regarding non-listing as also pending adjudication in the Hon’ble Supreme Court on several urgent matters affecting citizen’s fundamental rights, […]

Iran amnesties 100 persons convicted of death sentence

TEHRAN – A senior official at the Iranian Judiciary announced on Saturday that 100 persons who had been sentenced to death and 76 individuals who had been convicted of security offenses have been amnestied. Hossein Najafi, a magistrate at the State Supreme Court, said the amnesty followed after a proposal by the Judiciary chief and […]

Study on the electromagnetism of vaccinated persons in Luxembourg

18 june 2021 Study that has been carried out on people who had just been vaccinated that will confirm the presence of a magnetic field. The researchers stopped the experiment because of the shock that the “guinea pigs” experienced when they discovered the magnetization of their arms. This experiment was carried out by the European Forum for […]

Crater Lake National Park: Puzzling Myths and Missing Persons

Deep in the old-growth forests of Northwestern America lives a glorious gem of natural beauty. Crater Lake is renowned for its extreme depth, vibrant color, and crystal clarity. The towering cinders of the crater rim are contrasted by the lush, ancient forest that surrounds it. Heavy snows and rain keep the dormant caldera perpetually filled […]

Law of persons with disabilities should be truly protective

TEHRAN – For the first time in a decade, a law was passed in 2018 to protect the rights of persons with disabilities, however, the question is, has it been effective and fully enforced by the related bodies? The International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) is annually observed on December 3, to promote the […]

Police State Victoria is ramping it up, arresting elderly persons & raiding fruit & veggie markets

More arrests including a 69 YO. Some of these kinds of events are actually acted. It’s difficult to tell but the clue is they openly advertise for crisis actors and employ them to create false flags. Ole Dammegard is an expert in that field having researched them globally for 3 decades. Check out his work. […]

Ten persons hit by lightning bolt at tourist attraction in Jamaica

     Ten persons are now being treated at the St Ann’s Bay Hospital after they were stuck by lightning at the Mystic Mountain tourist attraction in St Ann yesterday afternoon. Managing Director of the attraction, Mike Drakulich, says the incident happened about 4:30 p.m. Six of the injured were tour guides and four were tourists. […]

Doctors Issue Warning About LED Streetlights

Doctors Issue Warning About LED Streetlights June 22nd, 2016 Why not just use warmer LEDs? I don’t know about higher output units, but I’ve replaced all of my bulbs with 10 watt LEDs that are 2700k and they’re great. They cost only NZ$9.99 each. […]

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