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GTR – Song of Solomon, Part 2

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GTR – Ecclesiastes Conclusion, Song of Solomon, Part 1

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The Myth of the Temple of Solomon II: Ostentation in Brazil

The construction of the headquarters of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, the UCKG, in Sao Paulo invokes the biblical description of the Temple of King Solomon. In the first video we showed how this work seeks to bring Brazil closer to an Israeli narrative used in Jerusalem to try to replace the […]

Off the beaten track in Iran: Prison of Solomon

TEHRAN – Situated near Cyrus the Great’s private palace are the remains of the Prison of Solomon (Zendan-e Soleiman), variously believed to once being a fire temple, tomb, sundial, or store. Source

Who Owns Solomon Islands Now?

On August 26, 2022, news broke that the Solomon Islands had refused to allow a US Coast Guard ship to refuel in its port. In the history of the South Pacific, only New Zealand did so in 1985, when it barred a US nuclear-powered naval vessel from visiting its port. In 1987, Wellington declared the […]

Solomon Islands Suspends All US Naval Visits

The Solomon Islands has informed U.S. authorities that all naval visits have been suspended until further notice following an earlier incident on Aug. 23 when a U.S. Coast Guard vessel, the Oliver Henry, was denied permission for a scheduled port call. The incident comes amid mounting concerns about Beijing’s influence in the region and Solomons […]

US Coast Guard Vessel Denied Port Call in Solomon Islands

U.S. Coast Guard vessel, the Oliver Henry, was greeted with silence when it requested permission for a scheduled port call in the Solomon Islands, forcing the crew to Papua New Guinea instead. The incident comes amid mounting concerns about the influence of the Chinese Communist Party in the region and the ongoing weakening of democratic […]

CNN’s Solomon: Imbalance Between Jobs, People Looking for Work ‘Creates a Vicious Cycle’ That Makes Fighting Inflation ‘Much Harder’

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN International’s “First Move,” CNN International Business Correspondent Rahel Solomon said that the imbalance between job openings and people looking for work “creates a vicious cycle, and it makes the job of the Fed trying to Source

China-Solomon Islands Relations will Change the Balance of Powers in the Pacific

In April 2022, the world learned that China and the Solomon Islands had concluded a framework security treaty allowing China to deploy its naval forces in a small but strategically important nation in Oceania, just 2,000 km off the coast of the largest state in the South Pacific, Australia. At this point, however, the Chinese […]

Solomon Islands: A Risky Move Out From Under Western Control

The Solomon Islands are in the process of cementing into place a security pact with China. According to an alleged leaked draft, this pact includes provisions allowing the Solomon Islands to request the presence of Chinese police and military personnel to “assist in maintaining social order, protecting people’s lives and property, providing humanitarian assistance, carrying […]

US Torches Solomon Islands for Choosing China

Recent unrest in the Solomon Islands, a small Oceania nation northeast of Australia’s coasts, is a reminder of just how far the US is willing to go to penalize nations for choosing to do business with China versus obeying threats from Washington not to. Reuters in an article titled, “Explainer: -What is behind unrest in […]

Backing Horses: Australia’s Solomon Islands Intervention

The history of humanitarian or policing missions is a history of taking sides, disruptive partiality and the forfeiture of the very object powers claim when intervening in another country.  Things become particularly absurd when the individual or government pleading for such help to an outside force is struggling to survive yet making grand statements about […]

Clean-Up Begins in Solomon Islands After Rioting

MELBOURNE—Soldiers and police from Australia and Papua New Guinea were helping to restore calm in the Solomon Islands as clean-up operations started, after several days of rioting left three dead and led to dozens of arrests, local media reported. The Solomon Star newspaper said Australian soldiers and police and troops from Papua New Guinea had […]

Australia Sends Military to Solomon Islands as Rioters Torch Government Buildings

    A hut next to the Parliament building in the Solomon Islands capital, Honiara, burns after being set on fire by protesters on Wednesday. Social unrest rocked the capital of the Solomon Islands for the second day as anti-government demonstrators defied lockdown orders and burned government buildings. A lockdown was declared Wednesday after more […]

Solomon Islands Tension

Three bodies were found in a burnt out building in Honiara amid this week’s violence in the capital of the Solomon Islands, Australian media reported. Authorities had put a curfew in place on Friday night in an attempt to stem the unrest and the situation seemed to be calmer on Saturday. But the government showed […]

Solomon Islands Leader Blames Foreign Powers Amid Unrest

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare on Friday blamed foreign interference over his government’s decision to switch alliances from Taiwan to Beijing for anti-government protests, arson and looting that have ravaged the capital Honiara in recent days. But critics also blamed the unrest on complaints of a lack of government services […]

Solomon and Sheba: Were a Famous Pharaoh and Queen the Real Protagonists in this Love Story?

The story of Solomon and Sheba is well known as one of love. But it is only when we learn their true identities that we see how much affection and adoration Solomon had for his favorite Queen. He literally moved mountains to express that love for her – well mountains of sand and soil to […]

Operation Solomon: 30 yrs later, Israeli-Ethiopians need more support

Operation Solomon may have miraculously brought thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel in May 1991, but the story of Ethiopian Jewry does not end there. While many have since made their homes in Israel, striving to integrate into Israeli society, others still remain in Ethiopia awaiting the day that they too will board a flight […]

New Evidence Places King Solomon’s Mines In Tarshish — Modern Spain

Archaeologists have struggled in vain to find conclusive proof that King Solomon actually existed — and with no inscriptions or remnants of the magnificent palace and temple he is supposed to have built in Jerusalem 3,000 years ago, the Israelite king has sunk into the realm of myth: Now British marine archaeologist Dr Sean Kingsley […]

Connecting The Dots From Enoch To Sheba And Solomon

Jews of Ethiopia have long believed they were descended from King Solomon through the mysterious queen of Sheba . In I Kings , chapter 10, she is said to have traveled to Jerusalem to experience for herself the riches and wisdom of King Solomon, son of David and greatest of the Hebrew kings. If the […]

Magic Ring Power Behind Solomon, Genghis Khan and Charlemagne?

808 Shares Magic Ring ⊗ It is known that the great majority of historical personalities loved the jewels and precious stones they wore or collected. Treasures do not always consist of large treasures of gold or precious stones. A treasure may also be an extremely precious artifact, such as the Ark of the Covenant, the […]

VIDEO: David Solomon — The Next Boss of Goldman Sachs

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TIMELINE OF SOLOMON’S FIRST TEMPLE – BUT DID THE TEMPLE EXIST & DID SOLOMON EXIST? Click for Source Article on Freemason Confusion The Ain Dara temple in a village close to Aleppo, Syria, is an Iron Age Syro-Hittite temple, some say dated to 900 BCE, noted for its similarities to biblical Solomon’s First Temple 1300 […]

Jew and Israeli: Solomon Schechter and Shlomo Sand

Two figures in Jewish thought make especially clear the artifice involved in of the creation of Jewish nationhood — Dr. Solomon Schechter and Israeli historian Shlomo Sand. Despite their wildly different backgrounds and eras, they both name the startling function that Zionism serves for an otherwise heterogeneous population of Jews spread across many parts of […]


SOLOMON = EGYPTIAN PHARAOH SHOSHENQ I & MOST OF THAT GOLD & WEALTH IS IN SWISS-BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS VAULTS! + NO FACTS SUPPORT ISRAELIS EVER PLAYING A ROLE IN EGYPT OR PALESTINE! Egyptian King (Pharaoh) Shoshenq 3,000-year-old mystery of Biblical king ‘SOLVED’ with $TRILLIONS in treasures Click for Source Article British historian Ralph Ellis after 20 […]

Zionist Agent Salman (Solomon) Abedi and the Manchester Hoax Suicide Bombing Hoax

What World-famous Men have said About the Satanic Jews

Introduction The Jews are the only people in the world who have found hostility in every country in which they settled in any numbers. The big question is — WHY? Today it is taught in the schools that “Anti-Semitism” began in Germany in the 1930s after which they were deported. What is not studied is […]

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