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18 Year Old Black Career Criminal Goes On Baby Strangling Spree, jewish Controlled Media Looks the Other Way

While the recent stunt pulled by Kanye West and the news of a Presidential pardon of all people serving time in prison for marijuana possession dominated the news cycle, people probably missed this story. Source

BLM Leader Fantasizes About Babies Strangling to Death On Umbilical Cords As Crowd Cheers Her On

A Black Lives Matter leader in Portland whipped a baying crowd into a frenzy while proclaiming that police officers should be hung and electrocuted “like a piece of burnt bacon” and fantasizing about babies being strangled to death with their umbilical cords. The BLM activist then told her Marxist “comrades” that she was ready and willing to shoot police […]

‘US strangling Palestinians & trying to make them submit’

RT– US policy on Israel-Palestine is almost entirely controlled by two elements in Washington – the pro-Israeli lobby and the arms industry, Max Blumenthal, a senior writer for AlterNet, told RT. President Trump said the US might decrease aid to Palestine during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the World Economic Forum […]

Russia won’t be part of ‘strangling’ North Korea, says US should do its part to start talks

Pyongyang labors under harsh economic sanctions, imposed for its continued defiance of the UN Security Council, which banned North Korea from developing nuclear weapons or ballistic missiles. The level of pressure, however, is approaching a ‘red line’, after which an “economic strangulation of DPRK” would start, Russian Deputy FM Igor Morgulov said. “Russia will not […]

Jew Advertisers Strangling Breitbart of Revenue

ZeigerDaily Stormer June 7, 2017 The Jews never forgive their enemies – or anyone who has dealings with their enemies. When Jews identify a threat, their first strategy is always to target the money supply and choke their enemy from lack of ressources. They’ve done this very aggressively to the Daily Stormer, […]

Lackawanna County Sherriffs Deputy Fired for Beating and Strangling Wife

The 38-year-old sheriff’s deputy accused of beating his girlfriend is no longer employed by the county, a spokesman said on the 24th May. Jerome Passariello, of Scranton, has been employed by the county since 2005, he stopped working for the Lackawanna County Sheriff’s Department this week, said Joe D’Arienzo, […]

CDC Adds 3 More Vaccines to Childhood Immunization Schedule

From: Up, up and away! This pretty much describes the CDC Childhood Immunization Schedule since 1950. On February 1, 2016, the insanity continued as the CDC hiked the childhood immunization schedule even further by adding another 3 vaccinations and lowering the age for the first HPV jab (Gardasil) to […]

Unlike Denmark, which seizes refugees’ jewellery, Greece upholds EU values

Unlike Denmark, which seizes refugees’ jewellery, Greece upholds EU values, a Greek MEP said on Friday (29 January). EurActiv Greece reports. Interviewed by the BBC, Syriza MEP Stelios Kouloglou [GUE-NGL] stated that the EU was looking to scapegoat Greece for the refugee crisis. “They [EU partners] complain about the external borders. What does this mean? If a dinghy […]

Melbourne man jailed for strangling woman

Peta Carlyon Updated October 12, 2011 13:29:33 A Melbourne man has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for strangling a woman in Kensington. A Victorian Supreme Court jury found Jason Grimmett, 36, guilty of manslaughter last month. The court heard the former sales manager and television host met Janine Kelly, 48, at an Ascot […]

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