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What Modern Day Healthcare Continues To Ignore About Addiction & Illness: It’s More Than Physical

Life is an ongoing process of evolution, of growth. As we are transforming both technologically and individually, there are still many materialistic worldview-systems — accompanied by rigid dogmas — that are refusing to evolve. There are some excellent examples of this in the current healthcare paradigm as described below. Healthcare is often treating the symptoms, not the […]

DNC Staffer Murdered

DNC Staffer Murdered July 14th, 2016 Here’s a thread on Reddit about Conrad. Via: NBC: A 27-year-old man who worked for the Democratic National Committee was shot and killed as he walked home early Sunday in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Northwest Washington, D.C., police […]

Nikola Tesla: Wisdom from the Past, or Visions of the Future?

A biography of Tesla and an expose of HAARP, a US government project which may have been inspired by Tesla’s work. by Theresa Welsh Genius From 100 Years Ago Alternate History Buffs and conspiracy mavens are often drawn to the work and ideas of Nikola Tesla. I had only a hazy idea of Tesla’s accomplishments […]

July 30th Rick Tyler Campaign Kickoff: Take a Stand for Working Class White Families

Trad Youth July 13, 2016 The growth of the Traditionalist Worker Party has humbled me and every member of our leadership team. Through your sacrifices we are establishing new chapters, planning new projects, and we have now made our first political endorsement! Rick Tyler is running for Congress in District 3 of the great State […]

Scientists create a patch that may make painful insulin injections a thing of the past

     Insulin injections are painful, and millions of Americans who suffer from diabetes can attest to that. But this pain may soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new invention from researchers at the University of North Carolina and NC State. This incredible team of researchers has now created a “smart insulin […]


Last week WorldTruth.Tv report that Trumps life might be in danger, and now this happens. A 19-year-old man, identified as Michael Steven Sandford, tried to grab a Las Vegas police officer’s gun on Saturday during Donald Trump’s speech at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. According to a federal source, the reason for reaching at the […]

15 children killed in Russian lake disaster

Authorities in Karelia said they were going to transfer all of the children remaining in the camp to the city of Petrozavodsk. They will be accommodated at a school for the local cadet corps. The first five children have already arrived, the Republic’s minister of education, Alexander Morozov, has confirmed. “We are waiting for […]

Sugar can literally multiply the spread of cancer in your body

(NaturalNews) In 2016, approximately 1,685,210 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the U.S., and more than 595,690 Americans will die from the disease, according to the National Cancer Institute. It is thought that the most common cancers to be diagnosed this year will be: Breast cancer Lung and bronchus cancer Prostate […]

President Obama Pushes Toxic TTIP Deal During UK Visit

According to the British NGO, War on Want, the real reason why Obama wants Britain to stay in the EU is to impose the TTIP deal on Europe They warn that the US President is currently in the UK to force the “toxic” Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership deal on Britain, a move which would […]

5 Facts On Cancer That Conventional Medicine s Now Aggressively Claiming Are Myths

According to the conventional wisdom of mainstream medicine, the world’s leading health practitioners in alternative, complementary and integrative medicine have it all wrong and are misinforming millions in practice and on the internet with a barrage of myths and misconceptions they claim are causing more harm to cancer patients. Could this initiative to sway opinion […]

Besides poisoning children in Michigan with lead, the EPA also conspired with Monsanto to poison the entire food supply with toxic doses of glyphosate herbicide

(NaturalNews) The EPA has come under fire for the revelation that months before the massive lead poisoning of Flint’s water supply became public, an EPA employee had notified his superiors of the problem. Instead of warning the people of Flint, however, the EPA privately communicated with Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality to get […]

Here’s your Obamacare: Hospitals now demanding patients pay up front before receiving treatment

(NaturalNews) Deductibles are soaring under Obamacare, and many U.S. hospitals are now attempting to collect medical payments before services are even rendered, according to new reports. The financial burden of medical care has increased so much as a result of Obamacare — just as predicted — that hospitals can now clearly see the […]

West Coast American Cities Sue Monsanto For Poisoning Humans

Seattle and Washington have become the latest cities to file a lawsuit against Monsanto, joining San Diego, San Jose, Oakland and Berkeley in California.  These West-coast cities are suing the multinational corporation for tens of millions of dollars for knowingly promoting poisonous polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) that endanger the life of animals, the environment, and humans. […]

Looking For A Good Documentary? Here It Is: How Big Oil Conquered The World

Not long ago, well-known alternative media outlet The Corbett Report put out a documentary detailing the story of an industry which has helped to shape the world as we know it — the oil industry. It looks at how this “oil-igarchy” is on the verge of monopolizing life itself and explores some of the more well-known aspects of the oil story, […]

Stunning Cloud Formation Appears Above Portugal, People Call It “The Hand Of God”

On Monday, the Portuguese were stunned by a terrifying cloud over the island of Madeira. The bright orange formation looked as if it was a burning clenched fist. The cloud was spotted by weather blogger Rogerio Pacheco. His photos soon got attention on social media. People had all kinds of speculations, comparing the unusual cloud […]


Early last month, we noted that something very strange was happening off the coast of Galveston, Texas.  As FT reported, “the amount of oil [now] at sea is at least double the levels of earlier this year and is equivalent to more than a day of global oil supply.” In short: the global deflationary crude supply […]

Robots Coming To Steal Half Your Jobs

Unveiling the Bank’s new statistics, based on the historic trends in the market economy, Andy Haldane warned the Trades Union Congress that half of UK workers might find themselves unemployed in the coming decades. “Taking the probabilities of automation, and multiplying them by the numbers employed, gives a broad brush estimate of the number of […]

This Homemade Elixir Cure Nagging Cough & Lung Inflammation Very Effectively

by Prof. Hesin Cough is actually a vital player in the body’s defence against disease. Coughing expels mucus, microbes, and foreign particles from the respiratory tract, protecting the lungs from infection and inflammation. The forced and sometimes violent exhalation can be voluntary as well as reflexive, since coughing is useful for moving and clearing out […]

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