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Lest We Forget: Australia’s brutal treatment of Aboriginal people

Despite attempts by many Australians and even politicians to gloss over the brutal colonisation of Australia, there is no denying the crimes against humanity that continue to take place. From the earliest years of invasion there are countless stories of massacres handed down from generation to generation and there are settlers records found in old […]

The original fresh food people: Aboriginal bush meats

Image / When people ask about Australian cuisine, a lot of people are left scratching their heads. They may mention vegemite, steak, sausages & prawns but many don’t know about the wide varieties of traditional bush meats known to Aboriginal people for thousands of years. In this article we take a look at the […]

Is Tulsi Gabbard a Russian Asset? 00 Hits: 4

Feds Stealing Guns from Law Abiding Citizens 00 Hits: 4

Turkey Invaded Syria, So That the USA Can Invade Iran Christopher Jon Bjerknes As I reported earlier, the real reason why the House of Representatives opened an impeachment inquiry is because Donald Trump would not or could not attack Iran. With the threat of impeachment and eventual criminal prosecution hanging over his head, Trump is now setting us up to make that attack. Trump […]

Legal Tender Laws and the Banks

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Hate Crimes Laws and Policies Violate the 13th Amendment

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Let’s Host a 3rd Party Debate

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What’s the Backup Plan?

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Is World Jewry Taking a Left Turn?

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Golden Opportunity for a Third Party RIGHT NOW 00 Hits: 4

Are Jews or Non-Jews the Real Scapegoats? 00 Hits: 4

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