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At least one dead, seven trapped in Thailand as beach resort hotel collapses

     A two-story hotel at a beach resort on Thailand’s Ko Chang island partly collapsed on Saturday morning, burying several families, including a two-year-old child, local police said. At least one foreign tourist has died and seven remain trapped. The Siam Beach Hotel is a popular destination for tourists on an island located in Trat […]

Florida May Commute Almost 400 Death Sentences

Florida is one of eight states that has kept the electric chair. The 389 inmates on Florida’s death row may get a reprieve from execution: Florida’s death penalty law has been declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. In an 8-1 majority opinion, the Court ruled that aggravating circumstances must be […]

Stubborn US has no plans for joint anti-Daseh ops with Russia

     Washington is not considering carrying out joint operations with Moscow against Daesh, US Department of State spokesperson John Kirby told reporters on Wednesday. The United States will remain in close contact with Russia regarding efforts to fight terrorist groups in Syria like the Islamic State (IS, or Daesh) and the Nusra Front, Kirby added. […]

TRUMP on the “rigged” US election and the evil agenda of the JEW media and GOP establishment hacks

TRUMP on the “rigged” US election and the evil agenda of the JEW media and GOP establishment hacks Most republicans want Donald J Trump as the GOP nominee, but the GOP establishment hacks with vested interests in Hillary winning don’t! Related… From infostormer… Mathematically failed first ballot nominee Cruz nominates “cancer survivor Carly” as VP running […]

Su-34 jets strike huge ice-jam in northwest Russia to prevent flooding (VIDEO)

READ MORE: Russia’s cutting edge Su-35 fighters to be on 24-hour alert at Latakia base Over 4,500 people living along the Sukhona River in the Vologda region are currently in danger, as thick ice has created a natural dam that is preventing the river from traveling downstream, causing it to overflow its banks. Two Su-34 […]

US and Russia Reach ‘Agreement’ That Assad Will Leave Syria: Report

Source: MEE and agencies  (MIDDLEEASTEYE) The US and Russia have reached an understanding that Syrian President Bashar Assad will leave to another country as part of the future peace process, according to the Lebanese Al-Hayat newspaper. A diplomatic source on the Security Council told al-Hayat in reports published on Thursday that US Secretary of […]

Russia: This military multicopter drone fires MISSILES

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“Anti-Semitic” Quotes by Karl Marx

My friend gave me this book called the Jewish Question by Karl Marx. So I did a cursory search on Google and found these gems, which seem to be a fairly accurate assessment. I source the link at the bottom. In your review of my booklet there is a lot of discussion about everything except […]

The Uniqueness of Western Civilization by Ricardo Duchesne (Book and Audiobook)

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German Govt. Seeks to Flood Towns 10 to 1 with Invaders

The federal government of Germany is seeking to genocide the European people out of existence by flooding towns with nonwhite invaders by a ratio of up to ten invaders per one German, it has emerged. * In the town of Sumte in the municipality of Amt Neuhaus, District of Lüneburg, Lower Saxony, the federal […]

The popular resistance in the Galilee

Just as I write these lines, on the evening of October 9, 2015, the news keep coming about new clashes with the Israeli Occupation police flaring up in more and more towns, from Rahat in the Naqab desert in the South, through Taibeh, Ar’ara and Um-Al-Fahm in “the triangle” and till Nazareth, Kfar-Kana, Arabeh, Sakhnin […]

Canada’s Political Parties Purge Own Candidates

  October 10, 2015 And the purges extended to the Liberal Party as well. Maria Manna who had posted some views expressing skepticism of the official version of 9/11 was dropped as a candidate in late September. “A Liberal candidate who expressed skepticism about the Sept. 11 attacks in the U.S. has resigned as the […]

Majority in U.S. Continues to Distrust the Media, Perceive Bias

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The majority of Americans still do not have confidence in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly. The 44% of Americans who have a great deal or fair amount of trust and the 55% who have little or no trust remain among the most negative views Gallup has […]

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