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Hamas: Resistance Only Way to Extract Our Rights; Its Flame Will Never Fade

December 8, 2021 By Staff, Agencies On the 34th anniversary of the First Intifada [uprising], the Palestinian resistance movement “Hamas” affirmed that the flame of the resistance will not fade, stressing the continuity of resisting the ‘Israeli’ occupation. The resistance group said in a press statement on Wednesday, that the comprehensive resistance, especially the armed […]

Bomb Cyclone infused with the Violet Flame of Creation

» Bomb Cyclone infused with the Violet Flame of CreationYesterday at 7:11 pm by Consciousness Of Economic » Nevada Unemployment has Embezzled Benefits from the Third Stimulus: Which made me Homeless since MAY. Yesterday at 7:08 pm by Consciousness Of Economic » Oldest known drawing of a ghost discoveredYesterday at 2:26 pm by PurpleSkyz » The US delays approval of Moderna vaccine […]

The Flame Of Farmers Resistance Continues To Shine At Tikri Border

On the Tikri border the water continues to simmer at a boiling point with magnitude of intensity of agitators never decreasing. With surgical skill the mass leaders and activists of the Bhartiya Kisan Union(Ugrahan) enable the flag of resistance to flutter. Below I am submitting four  reports which perfectly illustrate the sheer power of the […]

Rekindle the flame of Martyrs of Sewewala of Punjab on 30th anniversary  

Today on April 9th we commemorate the 30th martyrdom anniversary of the 18 martyrs of Sewewala in Faridkot district in Punjab. They were all crusaders against the fascist Khalistani movement, striking every nail in the coffin to extinguish it. It also in no uncertain terms condemned the terrorism of the state. All the martyrs were […]

Farmers continue to burn flame of Resistance against Neo-Fascism

With the expansion of the movement through consolidation of democratic forces from other states to support the Peasant agitation the movement is on the verge of creating the impact of an inferno. The Punjabi peasantry have inspired the famers of other states, particularly Uttar  Pradesh and Haryana to join the ranks of the movement. We […]

Mask Suffocates Flame Within Seconds #ICantBreathe

In this simple experiment, Kyle demonstrates that a mask drastically reduces the amount of oxygen available for a flame, putting it out in seconds. What is happening when we try to breathe through these things? Bitchute link

Superstar Rapper Wacka Flocka Flame Endorses Trump: He’s a ‘Better President’ Than Obama

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign continues to gain support from traditionally Democrat demographics, with a series of high-profile black Americans backing the incumbent president. Superstar rapper Waka Flocka Flame is the latest influential African American to endorse Trump, stating that in his opinion President Donald Trump “is a better president” than his predecessor Barack Obama. […]

8 Dangerous Myths About “Twin Flame” Relationships

Next Story When you first hear about Twin Flames the idea is appealing – largely because it’s misunderstood at first. Most people make the mistake of thinking that a Twin Flame means guaranteed love – a guaranteed relationship. The second reason that Twin Flames appeal is this desperate need we all have to be special […]

No panic! Russians douse open flame aboard plane after power bank catches fire

The incident took place on Wednesday when A320 plane from Moscow landed touched down in Volgograd International Airport, southwestern Russia. The crew evacuated the aircraft of passengers via inflatable slides and the blaze was soon extinguished, Interfax reports citing airport staff. The smoke apparently came from a portable battery charger, which apparently caught fire. However the jet’s […]

Ancestral Flame

By Ron McVan A flame has been dying, in the tribes of our folk, But the coals remain burning, neath the ash and the smoke. The coals from a fire, eternal within, Connecting our forebears, our kith and our kin. Our gods are the urge, the will in our soul, A flame without ending, a […]

White Man who Halted Masked Black Thug’s "Flame Attack" at Charlottesville Charged

August 30, 2017 6 Source Article from

Liberals, the Jews, and Israel

by Dr. William L. Pierce (1975) The current jewish power play in the Middle East poses the gravest imaginable dangers to America. Yet, in the midst of these dangers is a development which offers the promise of great good to the American people. That good is the disruption of the American liberal establishment and the extensive […]

Video: Did Israel target Gaza’s ambulances?

Charlotte Silver Rights and Accountability 29 February 2016 A new documentary shows the devastation Israel’s 2014 bombardment of Gaza caused to medical and rescue teams. In the documentary, which can be viewed at the top of this page, three medics recall incidents during which their colleagues came under attack. In total, 11 ambulance […]

A Conversation with a “Turkish Poet” – Veterans Today

“Look, I’ve been supporting the Syrian rebels. But I’m not going to let my people know this fact. Is that wrong?” …by Jonas E. Alexis   I got a message last night from a Turkish lady by the name of Fide Korkmazer Erken (she describes herself as a ‘Turkish poet’) saying that I have attacked […]

Libya: Keep the Freedom Flame Alive

by Stephen Lendman   Trapped for days in Tripoli’s Rixos Hotel, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) arranged for the release of over 30 foreign journalists yesterday. They’re now at the Corinthia Hotel, awaiting a boat for transport to Malta, then home via Europe that can’t arrive until fighting subsides. Given the chaos […]

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