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Sidney Powellapalooza: Trump’s Kraken Cracks

Sidney Powell, the conspiracy-theory-spouting lawyer who tried to help former President Donald Trump overturn the results of the 2020 election, pleaded guilty Thursday to six misdemeanor charges in the case brought by Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fanni Willis against Trump and 18 others. It seems unlikely that this is what right-wing pastor Ken Christmas had in mind when he prayed over Powell a year ago asking […]

Right Wing Round-Up: The Kraken Cracks

Dan Friedman @ Mother Jones: Release the Kraken! Sidney Powell Just Pleaded Guilty in Georgia Election Trial and Agreed to Testify. Tom Boggioni @ Raw Story: Sidney Powell guilty plea opens door to her becoming key Jack Smith witness against Trump. AJ McDougall @ The Daily Beast: Wannabe Tennessee Mayor Smiles With Neo-Nazi in Photo […]

Trump ‘Kraken’ lawyer Sidney Powell lands in Washington

“Our lovely Realtor initially told us there is a law firm that’s really interested in your building and wants to pay cash and wants to close in two weeks. … A day or two later, they said, ‘Oh, by the way, it’s Sidney Powell,’” Boyles said. Embattled pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell acquired this former antique […]

Kraken Lawyer Sidney Powell ‘Blocked’ from Speaking to Trump

Days after taking part in a late-night Oval Office meeting to discuss election fraud, Sidney Powell claims she has been barred from speaking to President Trump. Powell—a conspiracy-minded lawyer known for her infamous “Kraken” lawsuits which made baseless claims of widescale voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election—told Fox News that she has been “blocked […]

Charles Hurt: Waiting for the Kraken, But Focused on Georgia

There is no power on Earth capable of defeating America. America can only be defeated from within. Just take a look at Georgia today. Once a reliable vote for common sense and freedom, Georgia has now become the No Man’s Land between two trenches locked in vicious battle for the future of the Republic. In […]

The ‘Kraken’ Lawyer: How Veteran Litigator Sidney Powell Became a QAnon Heroine

There are few sea monsters as terrifying as the kraken. According to Norse legends, the gigantic creature dwelled off the coasts of Norway and Greenland, where it stalked and terrorized sailors with its octopus-like appearance. The kraken was believed to be over a mile across in early Norse sagas and was sometimes mistaken for an […]

Sidney Powell Releases the Voter Fraud Kraken On Media to Their Faces (Video & Transcript)

[embedded content] What follows is the unedited transcript of the preceding videoin case they disable the video. 00:00 through Venezuela Cuba 00:03 and likely china in the interference 00:05 with our elections 00:06 here in the united states the dominion 00:10 voting systems the smartmatic technology 00:14 software and the software that goes in 00:16 […]

Release the Kraken Report — Episode 2330: Release the Kraken, Battle of all Battles, Trap was Setin2018 Monday, November 16, 2020 Edit this post EP. 2330A – ANDREW JACKSON ON DECK, RELEASE THE KRAKEN, THE BATTLE OF ALL BATTLESEP. 2330B – TRAP WAS SETIN2018, THE EVIDENCE WILL BLOW T… [embedded content]


Breaking: The Kraken has been released… military planes filling the skies… it has begunToday attorney Sidney Powell declared that “the Kraken” was released two days ago, and results are beginning to emerge. Whistleblowers from the Dominion software company are going on the record, admitting the entire system was engineered from the start to steal elections […]

Can a cancer doctor truly help anyone heal when he is filled with hatred? New questions raised about Dr. David Gorski of the Karmanos Cancer Center

(NaturalNews) Would you continue medical treatments and taking advice from a doctor you found out was schizophrenic? How about if you had questions about vaccine ingredients that cause extreme allergies and FDA-fast-tracked chemotherapy drugs, and your doctor called you a “crank” for asking, and then blogged 20,000 words under an alias online identity, […]

Scientist claims existence of mythical 100ft Kraken that ate the ocean’s biggest predators

  Leon Watson Daily Mail  October 11, 2011 It is a legendary tentacled sea monster which ate whales and even ships. Now one researcher claims he has found proof the mythical creature actually did exist. Professor Mark McMenamin, a paleontologist at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, said he has discovered markings on the remains of […]

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