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Right Wing Round-Up: Lacking Wisdom and Hating Freedom

Andrew Kaczynski and Em Steck @ CNN: Speaker Johnson wrote foreword for book filled with conspiracy theories and homophobic insults Speaker of the House Mike Johnson wrote the foreword and publicly promoted a 2022 book that spread baseless and discredited conspiracy theories and used derogatory homophobic insults. Tim Alberta @ Politico: The Bogus Historians Who […]

5G Woefully Lacking In Safety Issues—Are FCC And ICNIRP To Blame?

By Catherine J. Frompovich In the Abstract of the IEEE Access paper “Exposure to RF EMF From Array Antennas in 5G Mobile Communication Equipment” , we find some rather ‘telling’ information that was brought to my attention recently by Eric Windheim, BA, EMRS, BBEC, a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, Certified Building Biology Environmental […]

Kurdish referendum lacking logic: Iran

Tasnim – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi criticized the unilateral move by Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region to hold an independence referendum on Monday and said it took place without the necessary prudence. “Our stance is clear, the move (independence referendum) occurred at an improper time and lacked the necessary logic,” Qassemi said at his […]

Lacking Transparency: Israeli Drones and Australian Defence

Talking Tactics, Lacking Strategy – The Generals On Syria And Iraq

On Friday Secretary of Defense [General ret.] Mattis, General Dunford and Special Envoy McGurk on the Campaign to Defeat ISIS held a press briefing. A transcript is available. My first thought after reading its was: “These people live in a different world. They have no idea how the real word works on the […]

“Duty Of Care” Canadian Victory – Canada Revenue Agency

A Victory in the fight against Canada Revenue Agency which equates to the Internal Revenue Service of the United States. We’re happy to report that Irvin Leroux’s latest battle with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has come to a (mostly) successful end. The historic court ruling from April 2014 that the CRA owes taxpayers a […]

Bahraini F-16 on Yemen mission crashes in Saudi Arabia

“A pilot from the Bahraini contingent participating in the coalition survived after the fall of his F-16 plane in the Jizan region this morning due to a technical malfunction,” Reuters reported, citing a statement on the Saudi state news agency. READ MORE: 2 pilots killed in Saudi coalition helicopter downing near Yemeni border The Saudi-led […]

Joshua Bonehill, Britain’s Leading Indigenous Political Prisoner Found Guilty By Jewish Court

UPDATE. THE JEWISH COURT HAS FOUND JOSHUA GUILTY AND WE AWAIT SENTENCING. “A man accused of inciting racial hatred is to go on trial today. Joshua Bonehill-Paine is charged with publishing or distributing written material and blasphemous anti-Jewish cartoons intended to incite racial hatred. The charges are linked to alleged antisemitic material. The 22-year-old, of […]

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