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Mining for “clean energy” minerals has left more than 23 million people exposed to TOXIC WASTE in their water, environment

(NaturalNews) A new study has found that tens of millions of people worldwide are now exposed to toxic water runoff as a direct result of “green” metals mining… Source

Fact Check — Doug Burgum Is Right: China Controls 85% of Rare-Earth Minerals

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum claimed during the Republican primary debate that China “controls 85 percent of the rare-earth minerals.” Source

Two never-before-seen ‘alien’ minerals found inside a meteorite

Two never-before-seen ‘alien’ minerals found inside a meteorite By T.K. Randall November 29, 2022 The minerals were found inside a small slice of the meteorite. Image Credit: University of Alberta A 17-ton meteorite that landed in Somalia has been found to contain two minerals never seen on Earth before. It’s perhaps hard to imagine that […]

South Korea Strengthens Cooperation With Mongolia on Key Minerals

South Korea is seeking to strengthen cooperation with mineral-rich Mongolia, to lessen its reliance on China. South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin visited Mongolia Aug. 28-30, and met his Mongolian counterpart Batmunkh Battsetseg. The South Korean visit comes amid rising international tensions that include U.S.-China frictions and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. During Park’s visit, the […]

The Body Needs Minerals For Healthy Optimized Brain Function

[embedded content] Essential nutrients-Minerals With the exception of the organically bound elements hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, there are about 20 or so inorganic mineral elements which are considered to be essential to animal life, including fish and shrimp. The essential mineral elements are usually classified into two main groups according to their concentration in […]

The jewish Supremacist That Made Billions on Blood Diamonds and Congo’s Minerals

This jewish supremacist is just one of many who make a “killing” off of the suffering and destruction of “goyim” around the world. Share now! Source

Mesoamerican Mural Minerals Reveal Secrets of Ancient City

In Mexico, researchers have for the first time ever discovered previously unknown Mesoamerican mural minerals. The mercury sulfate and iron oxide were found in wall paintings in one of the most important of all pre-Columbian cities, Teotihuacan. The Mesoamerican mural minerals find is helping experts to better understand how ancient Mesoamericans created their artworks and […]

Trump Fumes To Generals That US Should Plunder Afghan Minerals

President-elect Donald Trump, center, listens to a member of the military in the stands as he watches an Army-Navy NCAA college football game at M&T Bank Stadium, Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016, in Baltimore. (AP/Andrew Harnik) In a recent situation room meeting with generals and top national security advisors, President Donald Trump reportedly compared war policy […]

Trump Considers Expanding War In Afghanistan To Exploit Minerals

Trump appears committed to the belief that mineral extraction “could be one justification for the United States to stay engaged in” Afghanistan, the New York Times reported. (DVIDSHUB/Flickr/cc) As the 16th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan approaches, President Donald Trump is reportedly being pressured by a billionaire financier and a chemical executive to extend the scope of […]

North Korea is sitting on a stockpile of minerals worth trillions

North Korea is notorious for its totalitarian regime and human rights violations. Fewer people may realize the secretive country is also sitting on trillions in untapped wealth. Embedded deep beneath the country’s mountainous zones are some 200 varietiesof minerals, including gold, iron, copper, zinc, magnesite, limestone, tungsten, and graphite, Quartz reports. Some of these […]

Universe potentially ‘cosmic zoo’ filled with complex plant and animal life, theorize scientists

(NaturalNews) The development of complex life forms on other planets may be nearly inevitable once the basics of life itself are present, according to a new study. A group of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Washington State University have concluded that the universe may resemble a “cosmic zoo” filled with […]

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