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Nearly 6 Million year old Footprints found in Greece say Europeans did NOT Originate from Africa

Home » Archaeology, Europe » Nearly 6 Million year old Footprints found in Greece say Europeans did NOT Originate from Africa     A trail of 5.7 million-year-old fossil footprints discovered in Crete could upend the widely accepted theories on early human evolution. The new prints have a distinctly human-like form, with a similar big […]

Why ALL “Viruses” Originate In Laboratories

From Dr Sam Bailey @ substack The COVID-19 “lab leak” narrative has been in play on mainstream platforms since early 2020. However, many in the so-called freedom community are portraying the story as a high-level cover up. They allege that the research has spun out of control with “engineered pathogens” on the loose. However, what […]

Did Japanese Population Originate with this Minatogawa Man?

A new scientific report published in Nature has concluded that the modern Japanese descended from the Minatogawa people of the Paleolithic era. This is based on a DNA study of a 20,000-year-old human, codenamed Minatogawa 1, who was discovered in a limestone quarry in the Japanese Okinawa Prefecture back in 1970. Replica of the Minatogawa […]

Edward Snowden: “Knowledge Has To Originate From Somewhere, And That Can’t Be A Classroom.”

In September 2015, Neil deGrasse Tyson interviewed Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower who revealed the mass spying program(s) used across the globe by multiple intelligence agencies, private governments, and more. His revelations had broad and immediate consequences for both the elite they exposed and the now-informed public, who, prior to the leaks, considered government surveillance a conspiracy theory. […]

The origins on the Manchester attack originate in the destruction of Libya by the UK, France & USA

CNN Analyst Says Manchester Attack Could Be “Right Wing False Flag” Less than 24 hours removed from the latest horrific ISIS inspired terrorist attack in the UK, a talking head on CNN programming has suggested that the bombing could actually be a ‘right wing false flag’ in order to ‘frame Islamists’.   While admitting that […]

49 Years Ago the US Covered Up An Israeli False Flag Attack That Killed 34 Americans, Wounded 173

On June 8, 1967, 34 American servicemen were slaughtered and 173 more wounded after Israeli forces repeatedly attacked the USS Liberty in international waters. The Liberty was not a battleship and was entirely unable to defend itself as the hours-long assault took place. by Jay Syrmopoulos For decades, the US government threatened the survivors with […]

Russia ready to act alone against terrorists in Syria without US

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Egypt Ordered Muslim Brotherhood Linked NGOs Dissolved Freezes Assets

TCP :  Social Solidarity Minister Ghada Wali ordered on Wednesday the dissolution of 38 non-governmental organizations in Egypt’s Delta governorate of Qalyubia over affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood group, Youm7 reported. Ghada Wali – TCP / Youm7 The ministry also decided to freeze the activities of 36 other NGOs and formed a committee to run […]

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