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The Trickster Trumpster Is A Rothschild’s Bit#h War Pig Promoter Who Wants More Humans Killer Jabbed

Trump is pimping for more Tax Slave’s Fruits of their Labor being stolen from them, spent on weapons of Mass Destruction from his MASTERS the Rothschild’s weapons of War factories so the Rothschilds can start more wars. “Trump will force NATO members to hike military spending by 50% – Telegraph” The “American” voters are […]

Biden regime is the most aggressive promoter of baby murder in American history

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Once a centrist on this particular issue, fake president Joe Biden and his occupying regime are now officially the most pro-abortion regime in the history of America.Also wildly unpopular, the Biden regime is gunning for reelection in 2024 on the most pro-death platform in American political history.Back in the 1970s … [Read […]

Jordan Peterson: Promoter of White Genocide and Cheerleader for Noahide Laws

Jordan Peterson is one of the most promoted characters in the alternative media. He is promoted by the jewish media, Source

Primo Promoter of Engenic Bill Gates Wants Every Kid on the Planet Vaxxed and Vaxxed and Vaxxed Again! (Video)

Bill Gates Posts Creepy Video Urging Public To Reduce Childhood Death With More Vaccines: ‘Why Do Children Die?’ Source

‘Constitutional Sheriff’ Richard Mack Endorses Mark Finchem, Oath Keeper, Q-Anon Promoter and Stop the Steal Activist for Arizona Secretary of State  

Arizona secretary of state candidate Mark Finchem announced last week that he has been endorsed by ‘Constitutional sheriff’ Richard Mack. Finchem is a state representative, promoter of Q-Anon and stolen election conspiracy theories, and a member of the Oath Keepers militia group who was present at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. He was previously endorsed by former President Donald Trump. Mack, […]

South Africa could be the next big promoter of terrorism and piracy

     When the late anti-Apartheid activist Nelson Mandela emerged from prison and became South Africa’s first black president, he carefully steered the country away from the radicalism of the African National Congress’s Marxist past and toward a policy which embraced moderation and responsibility in international affairs. Rather than precipitate conflict, he sought to mediate and […]

Food giant Nestlé, maker and promoter of baby formula, will soon be marketing a probiotic supplement for breastfeeding mothers

(Natural News) A license agreement between Nestlé and Spanish biotech firm Biosearch SA will see the food giant using a breast milk probiotic strain in one of its supplements, a Nutra Ingredients article reported.  According to the report, Biosearch SA recently licensed Nestlé group subsidiary Nestec SA to take hold of the global marketing of Biosearch Life’s […]

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