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Nintendo suing developers of a Switch emulator for ‘facilitating piracy at a colossal scale’

Nintendo Inc. is accusing the developer of a Switch emulator of copyright violations and pirating its video game software in a new lawsuit filed this week. The lawsuit was filed in the District of Rhode Island federal court on Monday by Nintendo Inc., which is accusing Tropic Haze LLC of being aware that the use… […]

Diplomat warns against ‘dangerous’ acts of piracy targeting Iranian oil at sea

Diplomat warns against ‘dangerous’ acts of piracy targeting Iranian oil at sea – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – An Iranian diplomat to the UN issued a stern warning on Tuesday against acts of piracy targeting tankers carrying Iran’s oil at sea, urging the international community to condemn such “unlawful acts” that endanger freedom of navigation. Zahra Ershadi, […]

MP calls on Foreign Ministry to take action against U.S. piracy in international bodies

MP calls on Foreign Ministry to take action against U.S. piracy in international bodies – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN — A member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian Parliament has called on Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take action against the U.S. at international bodies for trying to steal the Iranian […]

Abortive act of piracy: IRGC Navy foils US attempt to steal Iranian oil in Oman Sea

Posted on November 4, 2021 by fada1 November 03, 2021 “The naval forces of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) have managed to thwart an attempt by the United States to take over a giant oil tanker in the strategic Sea of Oman and moved the vessel to Iranian territorial waters. The US military […]

Belarus Ryanair ‘hijacking’ – live: Lukashenko accused of ‘aviation piracy’ as European leaders mull sanctions

A woman stands with a poster reading ‘Where is Roman [Protasevich]?!’ in the arrival area as passengers disembark from a Ryanair passenger plane from Athens (Petras Malukas/AFP via Getty Images) European leaders are to discuss imposing possible sanctions on Belarus after a journalist opposing the country’s president Alexander Lukashenko was arrested when the Ryanair passenger […]

South Korea moves anti-piracy unit away from Strait of Hormuz

TEHRAN – In a bid to calm tensions with Iran, South Korea has decided to move its anti-piracy naval unit operating near the strategic Strait of Hormuz away from the waterway, South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reported on Monday. Citing a diplomatic source, the news agency said that the move was made to “foster a […]

Modern Piracy And US Sanctions

Above photo: Orinoco Tribune file photo. US Sells Seized Venezuelan Oil for $40 Million While Gasoline Scarcity Ramps Up. Washington announced in August that it had confiscated 1.1 million barrels of gasoline from four tankers en route between the two countries, which are both under illegal US sanctions. “We estimate that in excess of $40 […]

US Navy Accused of Tech Piracy

The US Navy is under fire for allegedly stealing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of intellectual property, including software and a high-speed ship design, but the sailing branch insisted that it respects intellectual property rights. The Navy is entangled in two long-running federal court cases involving IP theft. In March, German software […]

South Africa could be the next big promoter of terrorism and piracy

     When the late anti-Apartheid activist Nelson Mandela emerged from prison and became South Africa’s first black president, he carefully steered the country away from the radicalism of the African National Congress’s Marxist past and toward a policy which embraced moderation and responsibility in international affairs. Rather than precipitate conflict, he sought to mediate and […]

Piracy doesn’t impact sales: Pirate Party MEP unearths €360k European Commission report

“In general, the results do not show robust statistical evidence of displacement of sales by online copyright infringements. That does not necessarily mean that piracy has no effect but only that the statistical analysis does not prove with sufficient reliability that there is an effect,” the report reads. “An exception is the displacement of recent top […]

Ashes for St. Valentine’s Day

Written last year in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Dresden Genocide in 2015. This is the first time I published it. Ashes for St.Valentine’s Day Ashes for Saint Valentine’s Day The Devil has wings to target his prey cattle to be slaughtered in a fateful date not a celebration of love but a ritual […]

Deadly Swine Flu Outbreak Hits Ukraine

51 people have died as a result of a deadly outbreak of swine flu across Ukraine.  Hospitals in east Ukraine, where 12 people have lost their lives, are saying that they lack the crucial drugs needed to treat patients. reports: Elena Baun, senior doctor at Donetsk hospital: “The supply of medication today is enough in […]

Putin To Send 150,000 Troops To Syria To Wipe Out ISIS

Russian president Vladimir Putin is preparing a ground offensive to wipe out ISIS in Syria He is reportedly planning a huge military mission using 150,000 troops to take control of the terror group’s stronghold of Raqqa. Experts say the mythical state could vanish in a matter of hours and the Islamic State terrorists might then hide in towns, and […]

SYRIA-IRAQ BATTLESPACE, NOV. 25, 2015 – Veterans Today

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