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Thousands of Columbia University alumni sign letter vowing to withhold financial support over war in Gaza

(NaturalNews) Columbia University alumni have issued a letter threatening to withhold financial support over the Gaza war if the Ivy League school does not meet… Source

Princeton Alumni call on university to divest and end complicity in genocide

We stand alongside Princeton University students in demanding divestment, boycott, and an end to the university’s silence over the genocide in Gaza. Source

SOAS alumni speak out against the suppression of Palestine solidarity

We call on students and alumni to reject SOAS’s neoliberal and genocidal agendas and stand up to the administration’s suppression of Palestine solidarity. Source

Palestinian alumni call for Harvard Kennedy School dean to step down over Ken Roth fiasco

Harvard Kennedy School’s Palestinian Alumni Collective is calling for the resignation of Dean Douglas Elmendorf after he rescinded a fellowship to Ken Roth over his Israel criticisms. The group is also calling for Roth, who spent almost thirty years as the executive director of Human Rights Watch, to be reinstated at the school. Source

Biden campaign alumni call on him to end occupation, hold Israel accountable for human rights abuses

The Washington Post‘s Jacqueline Alemany reports that over 500 Biden and Democratic staffers have signed a letter calling on the President to promote Palestinian human rights and hold Israel accountable for its human rights violations. Scoop: Over 500 Biden campaign & Democratic Party staffers and organizers have signed a letter issued on Monday calling on […]

Bloomberg alumni are back in action — and turning on their own

“Instead of talking about an optimistic vision for New York, and getting the City open, he talks about the past and makes increasingly desperate attacks,” Coffey said. “We’ll stick to our message that hope is on the way and let other campaigns unravel on their own. Talk about missing the moment.” “Actual hope — not […]

Alumni of 8200 unit win tender to boost women in R&D jobs

The Woman2Woman program set up by graduates of the Israeli army’s elite 8200 tech unit is now getting ready to train women for research and development positions in the nation’s booming tech industry. The 8200 Alumni Association’s Woman2Woman program was set up six years ago with the aim of promoting women in the workforce. The […]

Trump’s Team Overseeing Wall Street Brings In More Goldman Sachs Alumni, Docs Reveal

After using Goldman Sachs as a punching bag for his campaign, sharply criticizing his political opponents for ties to the investment bank, Donald Trump has taken unprecedented steps to appoint former Goldman Sachs attorneys and executives to the upper echelons of government. It goes far beyond what’s been reported. Not only is Jay Clayton […]

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