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The EU should join Britain’s Holocaust inquiry into Alderney to illuminate history’s darkest corners

By uniting memory and cooperation, we can build a better world — a world where diversity is celebrated, where prejudice is condemned, and where the lessons of history guide us towards a future of compassion, understanding, and peace, Scott Saunders writes. Source

Light based works of art illuminate Oslo

Norway ‘s capital was lit up by the Fjord Oslo Light Festival on Saturday (5 Nov. 2021) as light based works of art glowed through the winter night across the city. The harbour and main square saw various works of art which aimed to bring light anf focus to some of the issues facing the […]

Bangor, Maine Will Illuminate Walkway in Honor of Greek Bicentennial

The Parkway in Bangor, which will be illuminated in the blue and white all this week in honor of the Greek bicentennial. Credit: Patricia Claus/Greek Reporter Bangor, Maine, a New England city that attracted many Greek immigrants in the early 1900s, will honor them and the Greek bicentennial this week, as its pedestrian walkway linking […]

Rhode Island to Illuminate State House on Greek Bicentennial

The Rhode Island State House will be illuminated in the blue and white on Thursday, March 25 to celebrate the Greek Bicentennial of the War of Independence. Credit: State Senator Leonidas Raptakis The Rhode Island State House is joining the list of locations all around the United States and the world as it will be […]

👁⃤ Illuminate 2020 – Uniting Jews Everywhere

“This Hanukkah, join communities around the world for an event to shine a light onto the power of Jewish unity. We will share a Declaration that brings our common values to life. Don’t miss the unforgettable event with Shira Haas, Idan Raichel, Jess Glynne, and a special address by Reuven Ruvi Rivlin. #Illuminate2020” Zionist Report […]

Illuminate: Biggest, Brightest Celebration in the Jewish World

RECORDED EARLIER [embedded content] This Hannukah, Jews around the world are tuning-in for a historic unity event on December 17.  Illuminate, broadcast from Jerusalem, celebrates the President of Israel’s endorsement of the Declaration of Our Common Destiny, which brings the common values of the Jewish people to life. The event launches a new global campaign […]

‘I’m A Defeated Man. I Wanted To Illuminate The Whole Earth. ” Tesla Says Near End-Of-Life Interview

Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia and only came to the US at the age of 28. Even though his English was not perfect, he was fluent in 8 different languages: Serbo-Croatian, English, Czech, German, French, Hungarian, Italian and Latin. Linguists refer to such a person as a “hyper polyglot”, or someone who can speak […]

Protesters Illuminate Charlottesville During Candlelight Vigil At UVA

Demonstrators on Wednesday swayed with their candles as they sang, “This Little Light of Mine” and the American classic “This Land Is Your Land.” At one point, people chanted, “Love wins!” After the vigil ended, a group chanted, “Black Lives Matter.” Source Article from

Heartwarming: WWII Vet Reunites With Man He Saved From Concentration Camp 71 Years Earlier

Help Support Conscious Alternative News We are very passionate about conscious media and we know the world needs it. Help support our work! Source Article from

Top German court considers bid to outlaw far-right party

From: Germany’s highest court opened hearings Tuesday on a bid to outlaw the country’s biggest far-right party, which officials accuse of promoting a racist and anti-Semitic agenda. It’s the second attempt to secure the ban, which would be the first of its kind in 60 years. The German parliament’s […]

Scientists Announce Discovery Of 8,000 Year Old Alien Hand Prints In Egypt

Scientists say they have discovered 8,000 year old hand prints in an Egyptian cave that may be of alien origin.  The anthropologists who discovered the prints  in a Saharan cave say that the prints could not have been made by human hands. reports: The cave, which is also known as Wadi Sura II, has been […]

116 Organizations Creating A Sustainable Global Food System

Print Friendly Above Photo: This year, Food Tank is featuring 116 organizations you may not have heard about, but should look out for over the new year. Photo credit: Food Tank. Each year, Food Tank highlights organizations that help create a more sustainable global food system. They protect biodiversity, produce valuable agricultural research, fight hunger and much more. This year, Food […]

AI attacks: Here’s an algorithm that has better intuition than humans

It’s well-known that computers can operate numbers pretty well. However, finding intricate patterns in gigantic pools of figures has proved more difficult. And that’s precisely what researchers were trying to teach computers to do. Here’s an example they give: “In a database containing, say, the beginning and end dates of various sales promotions and weekly […]

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