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Study Claims White Drivers Pollute Black, Brown Areas of Los Angeles

A new study by a set of USC researchers claims that white drivers overwhelmingly pollute black and brown areas of Los Angeles.  Source

Which Countries Pollute The Most Ocean Plastic Waste?

  The Philippines—an archipelago of over 7,000 islands, with a 36,289 kilometer coastline and 4,820 plastic emitting rivers—is estimated to emit 35% of the ocean’s plastic. In addition to the Philippines, over 75% of the accumulated plastic in the ocean is reported to come from the mismanaged waste in Asian countries including India, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, […]

Who authorized Japan to pollute the Pacific with radioactive water?

Japan’s Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) began installing discharge facilities in early August and will begin dumping contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean from next summer. Who authorized TEPCO to do this? Does Japan have the right to dump radioactive water into the ocean in an unprecedented manner? Will this set a precedent for sewage […]

West demands End of Farming of any kind of Animals because they Fart and Pollute the Planet

    This is so sickening. To put it short, why exactly is East Europe putting up with this? Clearly they lost their marbles but why is Eastern Europe which has always been different putting up with this shit? If there is a time when someone gets sick of their partner’s constant mistakes, this is […]

Hybrid cars may pollute more than previously thought, claims NGO

Hybrid cars may not be as green and clean as was previously thought. That’s according to a new report by the European climate NGO Transport and Environment, which has cast doubt on their CO2 emissions. It found that they could emit as much as eight times more carbon dioxide than previously thought. There are fears […]

Most furniture is full of toxins which pollute your indoor air; here are 5 ways to eliminate the poison

(Natural News) Your home is supposed to be a place where you can relax and unwind, but did you know that your furniture can contain various toxins? Even brand new furniture can be full of toxic chemicals used in various “harmless” features. These compounds that make furniture comfy to lounge around in belong […]

SCIENTIFIC PROOF: Today’s poisons will pollute the gene pool until the year 2300 both internal and external environmental memories are passed down for 14 generations

(Natural News) When you live an unhealthy lifestyle, you might think that you’re only hurting yourself, but the truth is that you are setting up the next 14 generations to pay the consequences for your actions. Similarly, you are currently embodying what your own ancestors experienced a remarkable 14 generations ago. A team of scientists […]

Marylanders Oppose Dominion’s Request To Pollute More

Above Photo: From Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us breakthrough. Impacted residents and their supporters expressed anger at Dominion Energy for submitting an application based on engineering malfeasance or corporate dishonesty. LUSBY, MD — The public showed up in […]

The stench of political corruption rises as hog farmers get a free pass to pollute

(Natural News) In the state of North Carolina, a total of 541 residents are currently suing Smithfield Foods’ subsidiary Murphy-Brown over the alleged use of liquid swine waste by hog farmers. According to the suits, the spray attracts flies, causes strong odors and other problems. But on Monday, the state passed House Bill 467, which […]

Whole Foods GMO labeling countdown just two years away … Retailer promised all products would be labeled with GMO content by 2018

(NaturalNews) Time has a funny way of creeping up on us. We know that all too well when birthdays and various anniversaries come up, sometimes surprising us with “where has the time gone?” thoughts. Well, we imagine it’s going to be about the same for Whole Foods Market. After all, 2018, the year […]

Radiation Will Pollute the Area Around Chernobyl For 5 to 10 Times Longer Than Models Predicted – Between 180 and 320 Years

Washington’s Blog Aug 23, 2011 The radioactive half life of cesium 137 is usually 30 years. But scientists at the Savannah River National Laboratory say that the cesium at Chernobyl will persist in the environment between 5 and 10 times longer – between180 and 320 years. As Wired notes: Cesium 137’s half-life — the time it takes […]

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