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Interview 1787 – “Ohio Chernobyl” – #NewWorldNextWeek

This week on the New World Next Week: Ohio Chernobyl produces the largest dioxin plume in history; sanctions on Syria interfere with earthquake relief aid; and the Bing Search AI chatbot goes rogue and starts threatening people. The post Interview 1787 – “Ohio Chernobyl” – #NewWorldNextWeek first appeared on The Corbett Report. Source

Why is Europe Silent on Ukraine’s Attempts to Create a New Chernobyl?

Ukraine, on the eve of a decision by residents liberated from Kiev’s Nazi regime to hold a referendum on Zaporozhye Region becoming part of Russia, has turned to nuclear terrorism, trying to destroy nuclear power plants, intimidate civilians and force residents to leave the region. To this end, Kiev’s regime attacked the Zaporozhskaya NPP with […]

Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Site Knocked Off Power Grid, Generators On, Ukraine Says

LVIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainian authorities say the decommissioned Chernobyl nuclear plant, site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster, has been knocked off the power grid. Emergency generators are now supplying backup power. The state communications agency says the outage could put systems for cooling nuclear material at risk. Advertisement The cause of the damage […]

Nuclear reactions found smoldering at Chernobyl ‘like embers in a barbecue’

Scientists monitoring the abandoned Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine have discovered fission reactions erupting within an inaccessible chamber in the ruins of the complex, raising concerns that a further explosion at the site could take place. Anatolii Doroshenko of the Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants (ISPNPP) in Kiev reported a 40 […]

Thirty-five years after Chernobyl, what’s the future of nuclear energy in the EU?

Thirty-five years since the Chernobyl disaster, nuclear power is being phased out, slowly, around the world. But some countries, especially in the EU, are still reliant on it. Fourteen of the 27 member states still use it, and some, like France, are particularly hooked. In 2019, nuclear plants generated around 26.4% of the bloc’s electricity […]

Bucking fears, Israeli Chernobyl survivors have normal hospitalization rates

Israel’s population of Chernobyl survivors is hospitalized with surprising infrequency, new research indicates. In the aftermath of the disaster, which took place exactly 35 years ago, almost 200,000 people who lived in affected areas immigrated to Israel – and many doctors expected them to need disproportionate hospital care for life. But compared to other immigrants […]

Ukraine remembers 1986 Chernobyl disaster

Ukrainians lit candles and laid roses on Monday to commemorate those who died after the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, during a ceremony at the memorial to Chernobyl firefighters in the city of Slavutych. Attendees marked the 35th anniversary of the disaster at 1:24am (2224 GMT the previous day), the same time when Reactor No. 4 […]

Ukraine seeks UNESCO status for Chernobyl to help manage visitors to nuclear site

Ukraine is seeking UNESCO World Heritage status for the site of the world’s worst nuclear accident. In the ghostly town of Pripyat, and its better-known neighbour Chernobyl, many visitors wander among the buildings and streets from where thousands were evacuated over three decades ago. “The Chernobyl zone is already a world famous landmark,” guide Maksym […]

Chernobyl: the people who risked the radiation to return to their homes

“My husband saw a bright flash as he worked on a tower crane. He didn’t pay much attention as there were often flashes like that, but later, he felt ticklish in his throat, and his mouth was dry. He told his friends: I don’t feel well. And they said: you have to drink vodka but […]

Fukushima Passes Chernobyl as Worst Nuclear Disaster in History: Does Anyone Care?

TOKYO – According to peace and environmental justice watchdog NukeWatch, the Fukushima disaster has overtaken Chernobyl as the worst nuclear disaster in human history. Writing in CounterPunch, John LaForge, co-director of NukeWatch, noted that the meltdown at the Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan in 2011 is now believed to have released between 5.6 and […]

Move Over Chernobyl, Fukushima is Now Officially the Worst Nuclear Disaster in History

The radiation dispersed into the environment by the three reactor meltdowns at Fukushima-Daiichi in Japan has exceeded that of the April 26, 1986 Chernobyl catastrophe, so we may stop calling it the “second worst” nuclear power disaster in history. Total atmospheric releases from Fukushima are estimated to be between 5.6 and 8.1 times that […]

Chernobyl disaster site repurposed for solar energy (PHOTOS)

READ MORE: To bot-ly go: VR robots will do space work & defuse bombs – where humans can’t venture (VIDEO) The 3,800 photovoltaic panels installed in a 16,000 square-meter (3.95-acre) area are expected to produce a total of one megawatt of energy for the local grid – enough power for roughly 2,000 homes reports Science […]

Legacy of Chernobyl: Boar shot in Sweden Found to have 10 Times the Accepted Amount of Radiation

On April 26, 1986, a disastrous accident at the power station in Chernobyl, Ukraine led to the release of more radiation into the atmosphere than the nuclear bomb released over Hiroshima, Japan in the Second World War. A routine test gone wrong resulted in what has been called the worst power plant accident in history – comparable […]

First Chernobyl hostel opens doors to tourists daring to explore Exclusion Zone (VIDEO)

More than 30 years after the 1986 disaster at Chernobyl nuclear power plant, hundreds of tourists are flocking to the site to get a firsthand impression of the scale of the incident, despite the remaining risk of radiation exposure. “The idea was very good – when it’s a [tourist] season and tourists arrive, there is […]

French diplomatic missions in Turkey closed until further notice over security concerns

“The Embassy of France in Ankara, as well as the Consulate General in Istanbul will be closed from Wednesday July 13, 1pm, until further notice,” the embassy said in a statement. Earlier on Wednesday French diplomatic missions in Turkey canceled France’s July 14 Bastille Day events, the consulate general in Istanbul said. “Information points to […]

FSB searches Russia’s leading opposition radio station over ‘hate speech’ article

Tweets about the raid sent out on Tuesday morning by its long-serving editor Aleksey Venidiktov about the unscheduled visit from seven investigators spread social media panic about the fate of the iconic station. Founded in 1990, Ekho Moskvy rose to fame as the first non-government owned news outlet, and was the only internal media to […]

Wine & coffee are good for your gut, scientists say

Large-scale DNA analysis enabled researchers to examine what factors affect the diversity of the microbiome, the intestinal bacterial community unique to each individual. Coffee and wine can increase the diversity of gut bacteria, while whole milk or a high-calorie diet can decrease it. Most alcohol industry profits come from problem drinkers – studies “In total […]

Noam Chomsky: How Bernie Sanders Has Created A “Mobilized Force That Could Change The Country”

Bernie Sanders caught the attention of Collective-Evolution long ago, and when he finally said something that no other presidential candidate has ever admitted to during his or her campaign, it really hit home. It’s something that North America needed to hear on a stage where millions of people were watching—during a debate between Sanders and […]

Latest round of peace talks in Geneva constructive: Syria

Syria’s chief negotiator says the latest round of UN-brokered indirect peace talks in Geneva were constructive as important issues were raised during the discussions. “I can describe this particular round as useful and productive,” Bashar al-Ja’afari told reporters in Geneva on Tuesday after meeting Staffan de Mistura, the United Nations special envoy for Syria. The […]

100 Kg Cocaine and Heroin Bust in the UK leads to Raid at Dutch Cocaine Lab

nsnbc : One person was arrested on drug trafficking charges on the M26 motorway after police observed that he picked up sports bags that were being thrown out of a helicopter in the county of Kent. Later police arrested two who had flown the helicopter from Belgium to the UK. The bust led to raids and the discovery […]

Powerful gas blast in northern France leaves one dead, 4 injured

     A strong explosion caused part of a residential building to collapse in the town of Nonacourt in northern France, killing one resident and injuring at least four. One person died when they were buried under the rubble of the building, the town’s sub-prefect reported according to AFP. “Rescuers have managed to identify the person […]

‘What you get for dealing with dictators’ – German PP leader Kramm to RT on his Erdogan poem arrest

Bruno Kramm was arrested on Friday for quoting a line from Jan Boehmermann’s satirical poem about Turkish President Recep Tajiip Erdogan during a rally supporting the comedian. The latter was forced to suspend his TV show last week after Chancellor Merkel heeded Erdogan’s calls to begin criminal proceedings against the famous satirist. He is now […]

‘Nuclear safety is no-politics zone’: Chernobyl plant head urges Russia-Ukraine cooperation

Chernobyl NPP CEO Igor Gramotkin shared his thoughts on the plant’s future in an interview with the Ukrainian newspaper Zerkalo Nedeli published on Friday. “Russia and Ukraine are going through difficult times, but we must now figure out how to build the relationship in the future, and why not start restoring it by jointly looking […]

The World Is Rediscovering the Medical Benefits Of Psychedelic Plants

Steven Maxwell, ContributorWaking Times This week Pennsylvania and Ohio announced plans to legalize medical marijuana, which will make them the 24th and 25th states to officially recognize its medicinal value. Because marijuana is successfully helping so many people cope with a host of ailments with few side effects, some other plant […]

Vaccines contain DNA fragments from aborted human fetal cells and viruses that could cause both autism and cancer

(NaturalNews) The genetic material from which many viral vaccines are produced appears to be a trigger of both autism and cancer, according to shocking research compiled by a renowned molecular and cellular physiologist from Stanford University in California. Dr. Theresa Deisher, Ph.D., who was the first person to discover adult cardiac-derived stem cells, […]

Russia’s Maria Zakharova disgusted by media using Brussels tragedies to spread anti-Russian sentiment

     This day, 22 March, should have been different, not the one we all had. There should have been meetings, documents – a calm day, with time to get ready for a big ‘week of negotiations’. We received the first news of the terror attacks in Belgium at 10 a.m.. An hour and a half […]

Three Cases of Venomous Attacks by Students on Educators

Students behave badly: venomously, criminally!                                       Vindictive students sometimes act on their desire to “get even” with teachers and administrators who they think deserve their wrath.  Following are three such cases that occurred in February, 2016: In Deltona, FL, three 12-year-old girls spiked a teacher’s soda with crushed red-pepper flakes.  […]

New Yorkers Share What is Their Biggest Regret?

Founder of WorldTruth.Tv and Eddie (6744 Posts) Eddie L. is the founder and owner of WorldTruth.TV. and Both website are dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the world. I have spent the last 36+ years researching Bible, History, Alternative Health, Secret Societies, Symbolism and […]

Obama Administration Orders Strict Labelling Of Israeli Products

A memo issued by the Obama administration has ordered the U.S. trade community and agencies to explicitly label Israeli-made products produced in the West Bank.  The January 23 directive states that it is “not acceptable” to label goods coming from Israeli companies operating in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as having been produced in “Israel”. Companies must […]

Investigative Report Proves Turkey Part of ISIS Terror – Veterans Today

Referring to fresh evidence and citing various sources, British investigative journalist Dr. Nafeez Ahmed has revealed that Turkey is up to its eyeballs in clandestine collaboration with Syrian Islamist groups including the notorious Islamic State; to make matters worse, the major Western powers are not going to do anything about it.In the wake of the infamous attack on Paris, French President Hollande has declared […]

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