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FSB searches Russia’s leading opposition radio station over ‘hate speech’ article

Tweets about the raid sent out on Tuesday morning by its long-serving editor Aleksey Venidiktov about the unscheduled visit from seven investigators spread social media panic about the fate of the iconic station. Founded in 1990, Ekho Moskvy rose to fame as the first non-government owned news outlet, and was the only internal media to […]

Your Fertility App Isn’t Helping You Avoid Getting Pregnant

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group   In our digital age, apps are the way to go. Users can play games, organize their love life and figure out when they are most fertile, but researchers at Georgetown University School of Medicine (GUSM) warn against the latter. In a […]

Haaretz Confirms: Britain Has Been Operating As An Israeli Puppet Within The EU

June 26, 2016  /  Gilad Atzmon Reported by Gilad Atzmon  “With Brexit, Israel Loses a Major Asset in the European Union,” Haaretz reports today.   “Britain helped moderate and balance EU decisions about the peace process, blunt criticism and even harness the member states against anti-Israel moves at the UN; voices sympathetic to the Palestinian cause could now become […]

Fallujah ‘fully liberated, battle over’ – commander of anti-ISIS op in Iraq

Iraqi troops have entered Fallujah’s northwestern al-Julan neighborhood, the last remaining stronghold of IS militants in the city. “We announce from this place in central Golan district that it has been cleaned by the counter terrorism service and we convey the good news to the Iraqi people that the battle of Falluja is over,” Lieutenant […]

Expert – Brexit Will Cause Temporary Turmoil But UK Will Remain In EU

Britain’s exit from the EU will cause turmoil, but only temporarily, as the UK will eventually remain part of Europe, according to American author and radio host Stephen Lendman Lendman believes, as do others, that the Union will continue and nothing will change as that is what the powers that be want. “There will be […]

Wreckage of crashed EgyprAir jet found at ‘several locations’ – investigation

The John Lethbridge, a search boat contracted by the Egyptian government, spotted the wreckage at “several main locations.” The searchers managed to snap the first pictures of the debris and provide them to the investigation committee. “The search team and investigators onboard of the vessel will draw a map for the wreckage distribution spots,” the […]

Canada’s Top Court Rules All Non-Penetrative Sex Acts Involving Animals Are Legal

The man, known only by initials DLW convicted of 13 counts of sexually assaulting his two stepdaughters over a 10-year period has successfully challenged a separate count of bestiality which, as it turns out, requires penetration for it to have been illegal. The decision that was supported by all but one of the justices acquitted […]

Obedient sheeple: Is modern psychology doing its part?

     Has modern psychology has become the science of disempowerment? You no longer have to be a bona fide psychiatrist to prescribe mood and mind-altering pharmaceuticals to patients young and old, as any general practitioner is now allowed to experiment on their patients in this regard. This helps to explain why some 78 million Americans […]

Iran able to become exportable scientific collection

Addressing the Conference on JCPOA and Resistance Economy, Opportunities and Capacities held in Tehran on Sunday evening, Vice-President for Scientific and Technology Affairs Sorena Sattari outlined the Islamic Republic of Iran as one pre-eminent hub of skilled human resources in various fields of knowledge-based economy stating “the incumbent government attaches great importance to this area […]

London Cockneys Being Exterminated

London’s world-famous cockneys—once an iconic symbol of Britain—have been exterminated by the flood of nonwhite immigration into the UK, a new documentary by the BBC has admitted. The documentary, titled Last Whites of the East End, will be broadcast by the BBC on May 24—and will show that the traditional cockney East London home […] – World War 3 in Agario, 600+ Army! // Heяø ⚡ Clan #LIVE

World War Livestream battle with a 600+ Army, what a battle! Thank you for being a part of the daily livestreams. Do you like WW3? Post you ideas for the … source Add To The Conversation Using Facebook Comments Tags: …,, Army, Battle, Brasil, cell, clanwars, clonewars, Fight, Germany, Hong Kong, Iraq, Netherlands, Nigeria, […]

At least one country should say ‘enough’ – French MP Thierry Mariani on anti-Russia sanctions

“We are demanding to lift the sanctions because they are totally ineffective and they are dangerous for our economy,” the member of the center-right party said during the French National Assembly meeting on Thursday. Fifty-five members in the lower house of the French Parliament apparently agreed and supported the resolution calling on the government to […]

Repealing ‘Hate Bill 2′; Protesters Welcome Back NC Lawmakers

Print Friendly Above Photo: A few of the plaintiffs in the federal court challenge brought by Lambda Legal, the ACLU, and the ACLU of North Carolina. (Photo: ACLU of North Carolina) ‘We cannot be silent in the face of this race-based, class-based, homophobic and trans-phobic attack on wage earners, civil rights, and the LGBTQ community.’ As […]

A Million People Forced To Break The Law In UK To Stay Healthy

It is estimated that around one million people across the UK are breaking the law by using cannabis for medicinal reasons. Many of those people are suffering chronic and painful conditions and the currently available medicines don’t always work for them, whereas cannabis does. They are also faced with a terrible dilemma -should they continue […]

Are Police Really Solving Any Crimes

Violent crime in America has been falling for two decades. That’s the good news. The bad news is, when crimes occur, they mostly go unpunished. In fact, for most major crimes, police don’t even make an arrest or identify a suspect. That’s what police call “clearing” a crime; the “clearance rate” is the percentage of […]

Liberal Zionists are losing control of US discourse, and they know it

If you don’t think the movement for Palestinian solidarity is having an effect, check out the three items below from inside the Zionist community. In each case, there is an admission by Israel supporters that pro-Israel voices are losing their sway inside American Jewish life, because of the strength of the Palestinian story. (It is […]

7 Big Names Who Said Jewish Influence Caused WW2

7 Big Names Who Said Jewish Influence Caused WW II below – Headline from 1933! (6 years before the actual start of World War II) .“Above all, propaganda here is entirely in Jewish hands. When bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have no real knowledge of the true state of […]

California Delays BPA Warning Rules, Fearing They Could Scare Away Shoppers

California Delays BPA Warning Rules, Fearing They Could Scare Away Shoppers March 30th, 2016 Via: AP: California plans to delay state-required warnings on metal cans lined with the chemical BPA, arguing too-specific warnings could scare stores and shoppers in poor neighborhoods away from some […]

‘Russia at war with Anglo-Saxon media’ – Putin spokesman

READ MORE: US gears up to fight Russian ‘disinformation’ with… disinformation Peskov made his remarks in an interview with Russian channel TVC that aired on Saturday. The fairly frank assessment was disclosed while he was speculating on why it was so hard for Russia to improve its international image. Peskov added that he believes both […]

Cinematic Résumé

by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (July 1992) A very popular motion picture entitled “J.F.K.” has recently redirected attention to the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas on 22 November 1963. It also stirred up sleeping snakes in the Dismal Swamp on the banks of the Potomac. Certain facts have been established beyond reasonable doubt: 1. […]


Freemasonry – The Elephant in the Room by henry makow In Denial: Humanity is never going to address its problems, let alone save its skin, until it recognizes that most problems are due to the influence of Freemasonry, which is empowered by the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel. Here, I revisit an important article from 2002 […]

Homeless Man Approaches Stranded Single Woman, Her Life Will Never Be The Same

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Here is a story that should make you think twice when you see a homeless person. A young lady, Nicole Sedgebeer was stranded all alone after a night of drinking because she missed the last train home. What happened next is amazing! This is her story as posted on her Facebook page: […]

Crude results: Without Iran, oil producers’ idea to freeze output in vain

Although several major oil-producing countries, including Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela and Qatar, said they would freeze oil production levels to stabilize falling oil prices, Iran’s unwillingness to follow suit would ruin the plan, Mike van Dulken, head of research at the London-based firm Accendo Markets, told Radio Sputnik. Earlier today, it was reported that Russian […]

Saudis, Turks conspire to initiate military operation in Syria, pretense of US-led coalition goals

     Danger exists that Saudi Arabia and Turkey will provide support to armed groupings fighting against the government troops of Syrian President Bashar Assad if these two countries launch a ground operation against the Islamic State terrorist organization on the territory of Syria, experts polled by TASS said on Friday. On Thursday, a day after […]

Iran condemns terrorist bombing near shrine in Damascus

Tehran, Jan 31, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossein Jaber Ansari on Sunday strongly condemned terrorist blasts earlier in the day which killed and injured dozens of people in the vicinity of Hazrat Zeinab (SA) shrine, south of the Syrian capital Damascus. While Syrian peace talks are underway in Geneva, foreign-backed terrorist groups are seeking […]

Pegida Plans Pan-European Grand Assembly, Vows Revenge Against Ficki Ficki Hordes

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 20, 2016 Some people say Pegida is way too soft. And I agree with those people. But I would also argue that many of those involved are hardcore persons, just waiting for the opportunity to get more hardcore. Cologne seems to have presented them with just such an opportunity. Let’s hope […]

Bernie Sanders calls for normalizing ties with Iran: Zio-Watch, January 17. 2016

The Syrian government troops, backed by volunteer forces, have managed to retake full control of several strategic areas from foreign-backed militants in the northwestern province of Latakia. Syria’s official news agency SANA quoted a senior military source on Sunday as saying that the armed forces took full control of al-Kindeisiyeh and al-Sukkariyeh villages and the surrounding […]

Israeli-Brazilian ties deteriorate over Israeli violations

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu decided Wednesday to downgrade diplomatic ties with Brazil over the latter’s refusal to approve settler ambassador. The Israeli government led by the right-winger Netanyahu chose the former leader of illegal Israeli settlement council Dani Dayan an Israeli ambassador to Brazil, which refused him after national Brazilian objection. […]

Danish oil giant Maersk keen to come to Iran

TEHRAN, Jan. 05 (Shana) — Vice president of Denmark’s Maersk said the company is gearing up to engage in Iran’s upstream oil projects in the wake of the removal of the western sanctions on the country’s energy sector. “We have to wait for the complete lifting of the sanctions but our group of companies is […]

Rival Regimes in Libya Sign Agreement in Morocco Paving the Way for Western Troop Deployments

United Nations accord imposed despite ongoing clashes inside the country and the presence of the so-called Islamic State Two regimes claiming to be the legitimate government of the embattled North African state of Libya have signed a unity accord at the aegis of the United Nations. Martin Kobler, the latest UN envoy to the country which […]

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