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Flu Magically Disappeared as Covid Cases Skyrocketed

Since the beginning of the scamdemic, many people have been calling out the fact that almost any death that occurred was being labeled as a casualty of Covid. There were instances of people dying of gunshot wounds or motorcycle accidents being labeled as Covid deaths, because they died “with Covid.” People did not even have […]

Murder Rates Skyrocketed In Pro-Black Lives Matter Cities, Research Shows

Murder rates have skyrocketed in cities that allowed far-left Black Lives Matter activists to protest, new research shows. A researcher has found that cities that welcomed BLM protestors in have since experienced a dramatic increase in homicides and other violent crimes. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use. Travis […]

ADHD drug use has skyrocketed 345% among young women in 12 years according to the CDC, increasing birth defects

(Natural News) As Big Pharma and the medical establishment continue to convince people they have various medical conditions and need medications to function or even survive, we’re seeing rises in the use of everything from antidepressants to statins. However, a new report from the CDC is shedding light on one disturbing trend […]

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